QA Report #59

Can someone please help me find Wednesday?

Frankly, I haven’t been sure any day this week exactly what day it is. Which is why this report is late . . .

Here’s what I was supposed to do last week:

1 ) Finish the Vivian’s Flowers top.

2 ) Begin quilting on my sister’s Floral Delight quilt.

Guess what? I didn’t do either one of those things! I’ve been under the weather for about 10 days, which has set me back a little, and other than that, I’ve been gone.

In order to sew, you have to:

a) have a sewing machine (I took mine in for service), and

b) stay home to use it

In order to quilt, you have to:

a) load the quilt you’re planning to quilt, and

b) stay home to run the longarm

Minor issues, those, right?

One of the places I went was to the Machine Quilter’s Showcase in Overland Park, KS, on Friday. I just drove down for the day, met up with Bari, ran around with her for a few hours, then drove back home the same day.

I would like to warn you right now . . .

If YOU ever meet up with Bari to run around for the day at a quilting event, make sure you bring money. The girl is a bad influence. She had a 3-day head start on me, and had already bought what she wanted, so she was more than willing to help me spend my money! Look what she made me buy:

It’s a Sue Schmieden Wholecloth pattern. I’ve been wanting this one for some time, but with Bari’s urging, I broke over the edge and actually bought it. Now I’ll have another UFO. I already told Bari that I WOULD be blaming this one on HER!

As I was tooling along in the ol’ Jimmy on my way to and from MQS, I noticed, both coming and going, a billboard for a quilt shop I had never been to before. So . . . on the way home, I just stopped in to have a look-see. Turns out a look-see didn’t suffice, and I bought some fat quarters. I need some more neutrals, what can I say?

At some point, I’m going to have to confess this purchase in my stash report, but I’ll deal with that later. The quilt shop I found was called Crossroads Quilting, and it’s in Cameron, MO. It’s wonderful. I stayed longer than I had intended.

As I’m standing in the shop, my cell phone rang. It was My Cowboy — busted! He asked what I was doing. I said: “Did YOU know there’s a quilt shop in Cameron?” He said yes. I said: “And you never TOLD me?” All I got was a chuckle in reply. Hmph!

Then he went on to the real reason for his call: “Hey, when you get home, don’t be surprised if there are bulls in the yard. Later . . . ”

All righty, then . . .

So what will I be working on for next week’s report? I’m almost afraid to say, but I guess I need to pick something. Here goes:

1 ) At least get my sister’s Floral Delight quilt loaded on the frame. I can’t procrastinate much longer. The show is only 2 weeks away!

2 ) Finish the binding on my mystery quilt. It’s sewn down on top. All that’s left is whipping it down on the back side. Surely I can do that? Time will tell . . .

So check back next week and I’ll confess how this plan worked out for me. Meanwhile, go visit Bari’s to see what everyone else is working on.

Oh . . . and yes . . . there were bulls in the yard when I got home . . .

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  1. Hoping your 10 days of being under the weather has come to an end. That’ll sure wear a body out. And Bari sounds like a great partner in crime. You’ve been so good in the fabric purchase department this year that frankly, I was beginning to worry a bit. And applause for new quilt shops! Bulls in the yard= fertilizer!

  2. I do so love the little snippets of “chit-chat” with your cowboy… *grin*

    Makes your world come alive for me and makes me appreciate the chit-chat that I have with my Gilbert. *grin*

    Tks, once again, for your blogging! I might not comment every time, but I DO read it!

    Rosa Robichaud
    Saint John, New Brunswick

  3. Sounds like so much fun! I think I like Bari! We’d get along! I can’t wait to see the wholecloth when you are done. Every girl needs more neutrals. 🙂 Finally broke your record for the stash report. Whew. Glad that’s over with and I don’t have to be the one responsible for shopping with you on that day! So, were there bulls in your front yard when you got home? 🙂

  4. I will tell you I had a BLAST helping Shelly spend her money, LOL! To be honest, mine was gone so I had to spend somebody’s money! And I love that wholecloth – it is gorgeous. I thought about buying one or two, but see the first line for why not….

    I also love hearing your snippets of conversation with your cowboy…you both have quite the sense of humor and play on each other well! Makes me laugh anyway!

    And yes, I can picture bulls in the yard.

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