Becoming Mobile

Our momma barn cat, Lilly, gave birth to a litter of kittens in our livestock trailer on April 23. There were three babies.

On April 25, we needed to use the livestock trailer, so we relocated the family to our mudroom.

Now, one month later, the babies are up and around, and learning to eat solid food like big boys.

Yes, they’re ALL boys!

Meet Higgins . . .

We kinda wonder about him . . .

He spends most of his time rolling around . . .

And not much of it upright . . .

Then there’s Harry . . .

He looks a little vicious because one of his eyes is mattered shut (or maybe it’s his mask he’s wearing . . . ). I’m doctoring him. Harry’s the explorer of the bunch. He’s always emerging from behind something when we enter the room. Harry is also the instigator of all wrestling matches.

And here’s little DJ, the oh-so-serious one of the bunch.

You can tell he’s a thinker.

It’s so funny how they each one have their own little personality, even at such a young age.

My daughter says that baby kittens are so adorable that she’s disappointed that no one has ever made “miniature cats”, so that you can have one that is always so cute. Her logic is: They can make miniature dogs, why can’t they make miniature cats?

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  1. Your daughter is VERY wise…..



  2. How are they supposed to catch mice if they are the same size as the vermin?
    They are cute though!

  3. So in other words, you have a Baby Einstein, Indiana Jones, and a Pillsbury Dough Boy who always wants to have his tummy rubbed in the litter. Darling! Are you going to move them to the barn eventually or have you already become attached to them?

  4. They are so cute! I have wondered the same thing as your daughter. Miniature cats would be great!

  5. They are very cute! Why not miniature cats? Hmm…there are also miniature horses, aren’t there?

  6. Awwww! We do have parallel lives! These are as cute as our new little kittens! Love them!

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