Number 21

Sometimes we here at the ol’ ranch have days with no imagination.

That’s when our cows get named by the numbers on their ear tags.

Take Number 3, for instance . . .

Her last calf was named Number 9.

This one is named Number 21.

This year, we also have a Number 16.

But YingYang’s baby is named Little Bo.

Go figure. There’s no rhyme or reason . . .

Number 21, being young and full of energy, decided to take a little exercise one fine morning. He ran out . . .

. . . circled around . . .

. . . back the other way . . .

Aunt Sophie, will you play with me?

Aunt Sophie is clearly not interested in running . . . Good grief!

Whoa! What’s that thing?

What IS that thing?

Guess it won’t hurt me . . .

Aunt Sophie, what are you doing?

I just don’t see what’s so great about pulling up all the grass with your teeth. Yuck!

Maybe I’ll go find Mom and get a drink of milk.

Maybe #16 wants to come play.

Since then, Fancy Pants has had a baby. Spittin’ image of herself. Is this not the cutest thing?

She will have a name, not a number. We just haven’t yet decided exactly what it will be. All suggestions are welcome.

And Number 21 is in love with her. But at least now he has someone to play with . . .

And this . . .

. . . is not a calf. It’s just Skeeter, making her rounds.

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  1. Seven of Nine, on Star Trek was purty darn sexy!

    And I remember that TV show about a bear… was it Gentle Adams or something like that. The guy lived in the woods, high up in a mountain with a bear as his companion. His best (human) friend had a mule, that he called # Nine…. LOL

    Sheesh, this TV show was a while back… *s*

    Number names are nice!


  2. Such a pretty cow and calf! “Shadow” comes to mind, or “Mini-me”!

  3. Ideas for the calf name?

    DARN! I was going to write “Mini Me”, but I see that Hope wrote it before me… *grin*

    How about, “Kute Skirt” or something to do with a “skirt” as the mother has “pants” to her name…. or, “Fancy Smancy” – that’s one of my favorite expressions!

    Good luck with the naming of the calf!

    How about a blog naming contest? *grin*


  4. What a cutie! Can’t help you on the name….I will have to ponder on it a bit. Often in our family it’s the personality that really gets the name going….

    But then I am also kinda partial to Mini-me! LOL

    Glad Little Bo seems to be doing fine!

  5. Love your post, and I love the name Fancy Pants. That’s just great! Having trouble coming up with a cute name. Mini Me is cute. I’ll keep thinking on it.

  6. What an amazing calf. I think you should name it Pippi Longstockings 🙂

  7. I love these stories!

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