Memorial Day 2011

Yesterday, I took my cousin, Deno, to visit the Avenue of Flags in Centralia, Missouri.

It’s the most awesome display of flags I’ve ever seen live and in person, and they do it on every holiday that has anything to do with displaying a flag.

I’ve seen it many times because I used to work in the town next door, and so I would be driving by and seeing it whenever it was on display. I’ve never ceased being awed and amazed by it.

I asked Deno, who is an Army veteran, if he had ever seen it. I could hardly believe it when he said no. I told him he HAD to go see it, and the next time they had it on display, I would take him.

This Memorial Day was our first chance. Yesterday was a fairly blustery day, and once we got out of the car, the noise of all the flags whipping was so loud we could barely hear each other talk.

I can’t imagine the work that goes into this. The crew that does it must really be amazing. Each flagpole has a little snap-on tag in memory of a veteran.

But this is not strictly a veteran’s cemetery. It’s the town’s cemetery, and it is very old. Some of the headstones are so amazingly ornate:

I think Deno was impressed. In return, he took me to the Missouri Veteran’s Cemetery in Jacksonville. Deno grew up in Jacksonville, and this is the cemetery where he wants to be laid to rest, which I hope is a long time from now!

It’s a fairly new cemetery, very beautiful and well-kept.

And we had a good day in spite of the wind.

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