News From the Ranch, Episode 691

My Cowboy decided the yard needed mowing:

The bulls are home. This is Slick. You met him previously HERE.

There’s still time to enter the Necktie Social Crazy Quilt Block Contest. Order your kit now.

Meet the party planner for all barn cat rooftop events . . .

Scarlett O’Hairy:

My cousin’s daughter graduated from high school:

How cute is this? I can only imagine what he’s thinking under there:

My daughter’s poodles went to the groomer. Genevieve is dressed for summer. Brooklyn wouldn’t sit still long enough for me to get a picture of him.

My local guild’s annual show is this coming weekend. If you’re close to Kirksville, MO, you should come see it.

Like any new babies, the kittens spend a lot of time napping. Higgins is in his element.

Oh, and My Cowboy has chosen a name for Fancy Pants’ baby . . .

Are you ready?

It’s . . .


We’re calling her Allie . . .

I don’t know why . . .

Maybe he’s a closet GaGa fan or something . . .

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  1. Love the little bits of news! How fun is that! Here are my comments –
    1. What better way to mow the yard than with free labor?
    2. Slick is awesome! Is he Allie’s daddy?
    3. Scarlett O’Hairy? I ADORE That name! (I once had a black cat I named Edgar Allen Poe – he would jump out of the grass at your horse as you rode by and would chase dogs off the place!)
    4.What’s up with the paint and the tarp? That is so cute!
    5. Poor dog. Can’t blame Brook for not holding still for a picture!
    6.Kittens are so fun.
    7. I refuse to even wonder what is in Your Cowboy’s closet!

    Have a good day!

  2. I’m sorta diggin Allejandra! Very cute! Your kittens look about the same age as ours. Yours are a little cuter, though! LOL. There’s one of ours we’re going to have a hard time giving up (or at least I will). I’m already figuring on keeping that one. That will be a battle with MY cowboy.

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