QA Report #61

Such a dud this past week . . .

So many extra things came up.

I finally deduced that my daily excruciating headaches were from my neck being out of place, so I gave in and went to the chiropractor. She said I waited too long to come in (hmmm), so after she worked me over, I was even more sore for the next 2 days after that. On the third day, I was finally feeling better. I won’t elaborate on the elegance involved, but I just couldn’t abide being better, apparently, so I “fell” and tore up my shoulder. Now I have a disabled wing . . . but my neck feels better!

I had lots of plans for visiting family over the holiday weekend, so I was busy hopping from place to place, and I went to see my daughter, who claimed I HAD to come visit on a certain day at a certain time because she had a surprise for me. Well, guess what the surprise was?

HER SISTER, home from LA for a few days. Her sister, my oldest daughter, whom I have not seen for TWO YEARS! So you can guess how I spent the few days she was here! With them, naturally. So no quilting got done, nor did anything else the last few days. But it was so worth it . . .

Here’s what I intended to do:

1 ) Finish quilting my sister’s Floral Delight quilt.

Par for the course, this did not get done. Problem: I ran out of thread while quilting it. OK, so that’s a major problem when the only way to get more is to order it, it’s a holiday weekend, and the show is coming up too fast for me to get it in time . . . really poor calculating on my part.

So my sister and I discussed it, and we both pulled our quilts from the show, because if I don’t have hers done, I obviously can’t load mine and quilt it, either. Boohoo. I’m a dud.

But what I’ve quilted so far is looking really good, if I do say so myself. I’ve been a bit overzealous, but I wanted it to be special for her . . . After keeping her from getting it into this year’s show, I really really hope she likes it so she’ll forgive me!

The extra thread is on the way now, and I hope to finish this quilt as soon as the thread gets here.

2 ) Try to finish the binding on that mystery quilt.

I didn’t touch the mystery quilt again. Still not finished binding it. Not sure when I’ll get to it, either. Yep, I’m a total dud right now.

So what will I attempt for next week?

I’m almost afraid to say. We’re having a visitor all next week that I’ll tell you about later. Since I’ll be expected to fly by the seat of my pants according to what everyone else wants to do, AND in addition, be expected to be a real ranch wife and cook MEALS (egad!), there may not be much time for quilting. Thank goodness the show will be over with, or I’d be a total basket case.

Because of that, I’m taking it a bit easy on myself:

1 ) Finish that binding. I mean, once I actually get the quilt out to work on it, how hard can it be? And I can work on it while visiting.

2 ) Help with our quilt show. I’m helping set up and take down (as much as my broken wing will allow — how handy), being a vendor, being an exhibitor, and making a dish for the potluck luncheon during the show. It’s always so much fun. I know it’ll be a blast, even tho it’s a lot of work.

So go check on everyone else over at Bari’s, and I’ll be back next Wednesday with an update on this week’s efforts.

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  1. You had a full week for sure. I hope you mend quickly. The shoulder and neck that is.

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