More Show . . . And Some Tell

As promised earlier, I have just a few more pictures of quilts to show you from my home guild’s 27th Annual Quilt Show, held this past Friday and Saturday.

Have I mentioned how much fun it was?

Two entire days of nothing but quilts and quilters. Pure bliss!

Before it got real hectic, and I was confined to my vendor booth, I snuck out and around to take some pictures of my favorites. Some of my favorites actually won ribbons, and were pictured in the post previous to this one. Three of my other favorites are pictured below . . .

This one belongs to Peggy Clark. She’s a fellow member of the Noon Stitchers Group I belong to. I fell in love with this quilt when I watched Peggy working on it at one of our Quilt Til U Wilt days. It’s the colors . . . I love Jo Morton’s fabrics. This is made with Jo’s Cinnamon and Spice line. The pattern is available for free on Andover Fabric’s web site. Click HERE.

This quilt was made by Cathy Poyner, another fellow member of the Noon Stitchers Group. I’m just realizing what a great group we are — wow! I love everything we all do! This pattern is one of Bonnie Hunter‘s mysteries, called Double Delight.

This quilt was entered into the Antique category. It’s a Postage Stamp quilt, and it belongs to a lady named Dorothy, but was made by a lady named Mary Hoyt. Dorothy said that Mary was pretty much homebound, and this is what she liked to do with her time. I’m so impressed. How simple, yet amazing. I feel the need to do a quilt like this now. Seriously. I think I’ll go start it as soon as I post this. I’ll report back later on that.

And while I’m doing that, you can read below some conversation snippets, in my usual eavesdropping style, that I overheard during the quilt show this past weekend. Enjoy!

“I said I wasn’t going to buy any fabric.”

“Arthritis is a lot like sex. If you just keep active, it just keeps gettin’ better . . . “

“I’m under quilt arrest.”

“Did you BUY that book?” . . . “What book?”

“Someday never comes.”

“Put that down, before you obligate me to sew something.”

“We got no business bein’ out after dark.”

“I think I have shopped till I have dropped.”

“Yes, but have you SEEN their fat quarters?”

“My wife told me to keep my greasy hands offa them quilts, and she ain’t never told me any different.”

And if only I had a dollar for every time I heard this one . . .

“I have that pattern . . . I just haven’t done anything with it yet.”

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  1. Postage stamp quilts are the BEST! Daughter made a big one two years ago. I am making a modified one as a leader/ender quilt. I look forward to seeing yours.

  2. LOL! The things you hear at a quilt show! You should turn your tidbits into a book. Sounds like you had a great weekend. Who wouldn’t, surrounded by so many amazing quilts. I can only imagine how much work y’all put into that.

  3. Why, oh why???? I love that postage stamp quilt, too. What is it about those things that makes us want to work with all those little tiny pieces???

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