QA Report #62

I said I was gonna take it easy on myself this past week, and boy, did I ever! But I got some stuff done because of it.

We were supposed to have company (a guest) all week here at the ol’ ranch. I brought said guest, the 16-year-old daughter of some friends of ours, home with me from the quilt show Saturday night. By Monday morning, she’d had enough. I guess farm life was just a bit too boring for a 16-year-old city kid, and she called her mother to come get her. Or could it have been because I told her I’d take her to my quilt group meeting with me last night? She didn’t even stay long enough to get to go horseback riding!

So here’s what I said I’d do this past week:

1 ) Finish the binding on the mystery quilt.

I did get this finished. It didn’t even take me long once I got started. Why do I do that to myself? I’ll show you pictures later, because I haven’t taken the time to take any yet.

2 ) Help with our quilt show.

I did this, too. And it was a blast. I helped hang as many of the quilts as my injured appendage would allow, then just helped out in other areas as I could after that. If you haven’t already, you can read about the Quilt Show HERE and HERE.

Finally, a successful Quilter’s Accountability week!

Now, to see if I can have another one . . .

What will I do this week?

1 ) I’d love to get completely finished with Vivian’s Flowers. All the blocks are done, the top is halfway set together, and with the quilt show over, I can most likely squeeze it into my longarm schedule. Then I have to get the binding on it. Surely I can do all that, right?

2 ) Finish the top of the next commission quilt. I was commissioned to make a twin-sized quilt as a surprise gift for a family’s matriarch, so even tho I can’t show it to you until much later, my goal is to at least finish the top by next report. I’m really thinking it’s possible, because it’s completely cut out and partially pieced already. And it’s just twin-sized, so it’s doable, right?

We’ll see. Check back next week. Meanwhile, go see what Bari and the others are up to HERE.

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  1. YAY YOU! That is a really good report. And, if the child was that hard to please no wonder her parents had hoped you would keep her for a week. What could be more fun that quilting in the country?

  2. Hey you got a lot done. Way to go. Can I just send you my bindings? LOL not my favorite thing to do.

  3. Good job! You had a wonderful week! I will have to go look at the quilt show posts…haven’t had time yet. Can’t wait to see Vivian’s Flowers done!

    I have to laugh about the city girl….most just can’t hack it unless they have a lot of tomboy or country in their blood anyway!

    Way to go!

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