Farmer’s Wife Quilt-Along

I went and done it.

I joined the Farmer’s Wife Quilt-Along.

It’s being hosted by Amanda and Angela, and they’re having us make 2 blocks a week.

Way back, well over a year ago, I started the Farmer’s Wife Sampler Quilt with my Noon Stitchers group. Our goal was to do one block a week, and I quickly fell behind. I got up to Block 19, and sorta quit altogether.

I thought joining this Quilt-Along would give me the kick in the pants I need to get it out and keep going on it. I can see I’m gonna have to work at it, too, because they’re already on Week 3, and I’m already feeling behind, even tho I’m still a bit ahead.

Like Amanda, I’m doing mine in order. I know how I am. If I do them out of order, I’ll pick all the easy ones first, and then never finish the quilt because all that will be left toward the end are the hard ones, and I’ll wimp out.

I’m also using scraps, and I have LOTS of dark scraps. I guess I make lots of dark quilts. I definitely didn’t want to buy anything for it, except maybe sashing fabric when I get close to the end, and I love the dark look of the cover quilt, so … without further ado …

Here are my first 6 blocks:

There’s also a Flickr Group where everyone can post their block pictures. It’s really fun to see what everyone is using for fabrics. There will be a lot of beautiful quilts from this when we’re done.

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  1. Cool! I like that this is coordinating with your already started project….so this is really finishing up a UFO, right?

  2. how handy that you can join the quilt along AND work on a wip at the same time. love that it kills two birds with one stone. sweet!

  3. I don’t know how many times I have picked this book up and put it back down. I am drawn to it, but fighting the urge to jump in. It took me a year to finish my first quilt along and I joined another a couple years after it began. Started an other and haven’t finished it yet. See a pattern? Your blocks are fabulous though and I feel myself caving. Whew! Caught that ‘L’ in that last word. Sure wouldn’t want to be ‘calving’. I mostly love the history behind the blocks and that cover quilt is amazing. Karin – sitting on the fence.

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