PC Update – June 15

Yes, I’m a day late . . . Do you find that odd?

You shouldn’t . . . especially if you realize that I skipped the last Procrastination Challenge update altogether. Just totally blew it off, like it didn’t exist.

That’s because of the shame of not having done anything on the chosen project.

I was supposed to quilt my Hazel’s Diary quilt, but I was so busy quilting quilts for customers to get ready for our show, that naturally, mine slipped by the wayside and is still unfinished. It’s OK, tho, because I still have not decided how I want to quilt it, so that just gives me more time to think on it.

And I’m picking another number, because I’m really getting into finishing mode because I’m itching to start something new.

The Random Number Generator has kindly picked #7. Guess what #7 is? That darn Sunbonnet Sue quilt. Bane of my existence. Will I ever get it done? This is its current state, and if you remember from before, I don’t like it because of the white border.

So . . . my plan is to re-do the border, and then it still needs to be quilted and bound. If I would just suck it up and do it before the end of the month, I’d never have to look at it again. There’s my incentive!

What are YOU procrastinating on?

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  1. Most times, if I sit and think about it…. the job seems a HUNDRED TIMES bigger and HEY – GUESS WHAT?!?! It just doesn’t get done! The job’s become a monster!


    Don’t even think about it!!!!! Pick it up and DO IT!

    In other words, pick up that quilt and start ripping out that white border if you don’t like it. Once you’ve started ripping it out, you really can’t go back, right? Plus, once it’s done, you’ll be saying to yourself, “Gee, that wasn’t so bad after all!”


    BTW, remember the challenge you issued this winter? Well, my oldest UFO was embroidered rose blocks. I got them out of their zip lock bag and only made 1 more, since you had issued the challenge. Last week, I made the executive decision that I would use what blocks I had finished and THAT’S IT! No more guilt on this one!!!

    Yesterday, I had one of those light bulb moments, on how to put them together and I started putting them together!!!!


    Thanks for pushing me in the butt-in-ski, on this one, my friend!!!!

    Rosa Robichaud
    Saint John, New Brunswick

  2. You’ll enjoy looking at it much more once it’s complete! So pretty. Just trim the white to a thin border and then add what you want. No ripping and I think it would frame things nicely. What am I procrastinating on? Pick something. Anything. Except for that nap looming in my near future.

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