June FNSI Recap

Did YOU participate in the Friday Night Sew-In this month?

I didn’t get to last month, so I was all excited about it this month.

I worked on cleaning my studio most of the day, so I could get a lot of productive sewing done that evening, and I had big plans to start at 6:00.

So, to that end, I made sure My Cowboy was fed, and I made it to the studio at 6:10. Not bad . . . but . . .

As he was finishing up his supper, I heard My Cowboy mumble something about being bored, and before I knew it, he had decided to sort the bulls and move some of them, and was off to saddle up his trusty steed.

Now, theoretically, the guys can handle all this cattle stuff on their own, but somehow, I just knew my cell phone was gonna ring within minutes of him leaving the house. I debated whether to turn it off, but that would have just been mean, so I didn’t, and sure enough, ring it did.

“Can you come outside?” Which translates into “We need help.” Because I knew he didn’t want me out there so I could just stand and watch the beauty of everything going smoothly. And he hadn’t waited for Sam to get there before starting, so that left only me to help, his last resort as a ranch hand.

Luckily, all I had to do was run a few gates, and walk Slick toward the arena. Slick’s pretty laid back, so it actually did go pretty smoothly. When My Cowboy rode the other direction and disappeared around the barn, I snuck back in the house.

Sam showed up with the truck and trailer, and guilt overtook me, so I went back out to help. Again, all they needed me for was to run a few gates.

We loaded Willie first . . .

. . . then Slick . . .

. . . and the guys took off in the truck, pulling the trailer, to deposit the bulls in other pastures.

Chip got to stay behind, getting a lesson in standing patiently while waiting for his Cowboy to come back. “Yes, I’m hobbled. What of it? If you’re not gonna help, at least stop making fun of me.”

I finally escaped to my studio to begin Friday Night Sew-In. It was 7:20.

I managed to make it till midnight, and here’s a motley pile of what I worked on:

My reward for doing all that was to get to start something new. If you remember from my quilt show post, the Postage Stamp quilt I showed . . . this one . . .

I really was serious when I said I wanted to make one. Therefore, I have begun:

Mine is not going to be all prints. I’m making mine in a checkerboard fashion. Bright colors and white.

So far, I love it, and I’ll post some more pictures as I get further along. No idea yet how large I want to make it. I’ll see how far I get with what squares I have cut, and then decide. But it’s fun!

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  1. Postage stamp quilts are the best…and the cows seem to trump everything. Having worked a few cows myself, it is just the way it is.

  2. I participated…barely. I managed to get 2 pillow tops sewn together. Wow on the postage stamp quilt. As a beginner quilter (I have only made 4 so far) I find that quite a scary undertaking but I am not one to give up on a big challenge. Perhaps in the fall I might start this using scraps. Perhaps not. I definately want to see this one in progress.

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