Postage Stamp Love

In my efforts to procrastinate on the things I should be doing, I’ve gotten carried away with working on my newest undertaking, a Postage Stamp quilt.

I was inspired by one that hung in our show earlier this month:

And on the last Friday Night Sew-In, I started one for my ownself:

Because I need another UFO . . . don’t we all?

I had all these squares cut for another purpose, but decided to make that other quilt in different colors, and not needing two of the same project, I cabbaged onto these squares for my Postage Stamp Quilt.

Instead of just sewing all the print squares together, I’ve decided to do mine in a checkerboard fashion, setting them together with white squares.

My squares are cut 1 1/2″, to finish at 1″.

I’m setting them together into 8″ blocks. Each block, therefore, has 64 squares, half of them print, and half of them white. I still haven’t decided exactly how big I’ll make it, but it’ll be somewhere in the vicinity of queen-sized.

I just make 4-patches, then sew the 4-patches together . . . 

. . . until it’s 8 squares across and 8 squares down (this takes 16 4-patches).

This keeps it in manageable, easy-to-work-with chunks, and I just keep the basket sitting next to my sewing machine, and use them as leader/ender patches. I should have it done in no time, right?

You should make one, too. You know you wanna . . .

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  1. No time for sure! Yes, I do wanna’ but I have SO much going on right now!

  2. Those are little squares! My daughter uses that size to make doll quilts. I have been working on a 2″ square project. Those simple square projects are addicting!

  3. Possibly with itsy bitsy pieces and only to make one of those “once in a lifetime teeny, weeny mini quilts”….

    Hmmm… I’ll have to sit and think about this one…. *grin*

    *great fun talking with you, the other evening!!!*

  4. Oh, please don’t do this to me! Cathy is making a postage stamp quilt also, but naturally hers is out of her luscious batiks. I love the scrappy look of these (and I don’t have a supply of batiks, but I do have a supply of miscellaneous scraps!). I hadn’t thought of using that for a leader-ender project….But that makes me think. We were at camp Monday and Tuesday and I decided to make quilts for the bunks at camp as I didn’t have a blanket that was just right (too hot, too cold, too big, too small). So I took measurements using my tennis shoe (didn’t have a tape measure). I think postage stamp quilts would be perfect for the bunk beds at camp! They could also be used for other stuff. Okay. You talked me into it. Going to go find my scrap box and start cutting into 1 1/2 inch squares!

    Thanks….I think.

  5. Oh you’re such and inabler! Shame on you! I think its the addition of the white that put me over the edge, but I’m thinking this’ll have to be one of those long, long, long term projects. I’ve got a ton of 1 1/2″ strips cut for my Granny Square quilt so the leftovers from that may just be the beginning of a postage stamp. …and the list of projects continues to grow. Grin.

  6. Yes I do wanna! It’s been on my list for a while. Like the idea of making them as leaders and enders.

  7. Yes, I do wanna! It has been on my list for a while, too. You can really use any scrap you want in these, can’t you? I have a quilt (UFO) that has a checkerboard of the same sized squares in the middle. It’s wall hanging size, though. I have the borders on. But I got hung up on the applique…. (As usual)

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