QA Report #64

Did I really say I was gonna do something specific this week?

Well, the proof is in the post, and here’s what it said:

1 ) Completely finish Vivian’s Flowers.

2 ) Finish the top (at least) of the next commission quilt.

I didn’t finish either one of these. But I have made progress. And I blame my lack of further progress on our cows and the weather, neither of which cooperated this week at all.

I’m behind on my longarm schedule because every time I turn around it’s storming. When it’s not storming, the cattle either need attention or are somewhere they’re not supposed to be.

For a brief moment at least once this week, I entertained the notion of hanging up my ranch wife britches and moving to town. Thankfully, that little snit didn’t last long, and today has gone fairly well — no storms, and the only wayward cow I saw didn’t belong to us.

I’m leaving my list like it was yet again, because I’m once again over-optimistic reasonably certain that I can finish them this week for sure.

1 ) Completely finish Vivian’s Flowers. I have the backing ready, the batting ready, and it’s next to be loaded on the longarm (hopefully tomorrow). I even made the binding and have it ready. I’ve ’bout got it whupped.

2 ) Finish the top (at least) of the next commission quilt. I’m still in the process of setting it together, and it’s going well. If all goes as planned with Vivian’s Flowers, I might be able to get it completely finished, too. We’ll see.

Meanwhile, go see if others are making better progress than me over at Bari’s. How could they not be?

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  1. You are so funny! Like you would really leave ranch life……but I understand about other stuff not cooperating. I think it is the time of year. My whole life is not cooperating right now!

    At least you got some things worked on, and I still can’t wait to see Vivian’s Flowers!

  2. Thank goodness you came to your senses! Moving to town would just bout scare me outta my britches! Next time that happens send an SOS…or a RWR (ranch wife rescue). I’ll bring chocolate and ice cream. Hope those bovines shape up and let you get back to business. Don’t they know that we’re all sitting here waiting to see Vivian’s Flowers?!

  3. Boy do I ever have weeks like that.. and I have no cows or any farm animails to deal with.

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