Stash Report #16 – 2011

Finally, some better progress in the right direction.

And although I didn’t manage to escape the fabric store (thanks to my sister), I at least came out with very little to add. Saturday morning, our husbands were “working” together, so she called me up and said that since I was without adult supervision with My Cowboy gone, she was coming to get me. And she takes me to the fabric store?!?!

Granted, she was also running other errands, and we went to the farm store, too, where her shopping list read: extension cord, sulphur blocks, horse feed, hog rings. I can see why she needed a fabric fix after that, but how does this help me? I managed to escape with only two fat quarters clutched in my hot little hands.

Thankfully, I managed to use some up this week, so I came out ahead in the long run. Here’s this week’s report:

Used this week: 9.125 yds

Used year to date: 48.58 yds

Added this week: .5 yd

Added year to date: 7.25 yds

Net used in 2011: 41.33 yds

I made it past the 40-yard mark! Hoping I can keep it there and get that number up even more. Obviously, you can use up 40 yards of fabric, yet it makes no extra space in your bins nor does it give you any extra storage space. I’m not sure how it works like that. I’m on a mission to find out exactly how much fabric I have to use up before I have empty bins and more storage space . . .

Meanwhile, hop on over to JudyL’s and see how she and everyone else are doing. Judy’s been a whirlwind lately. Honestly, I don’t know how she does it while in the throes of getting ready to move. She must be a super organized person without a single shred of ADD tendency. In other words, my exact opposite!

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  1. I, too have wondered, but I am afraid that the answer would require knowing how much I have. That would be ugly.

  2. I’ve noticed that with making string blocks, by the time I’m done rooting around in the bin, I can’t get it to shut. But it was shut when I started. Is it our hands touching the fabric that makes it change? Enlarge? Grow? Multiple? LOL

  3. That is great. You are doing so well! I am so impressed. I, too, wonder why I seem to use a lot but don’t have any more room in the sewing room. Very strange, indeed….

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