QA Report #65

Another week of slower progress than I anticipated.

Honestly, I think most of my weeks go that way.

It’s a constant source of amusement for My Cowboy.

I make a list of what I intend to get done . . . he comes along and adds things to the list . . . things like “Do nothing”, “Get further behind”, “Work on last week’s list first”, “Procrastinate”, “Take a nap”, etc. Encouraging, right? Gotta love him . . . bless his little defective heart.

I did make some actual progress this week. Here’s what I intended:

1 ) Completely finish Vivian’s Flowers.

Not done. I rearranged my longarm schedule around some really vicious storms and some unexpected absences, and instead did two other smaller, easier quilts I wasn’t intending to do just yet, just so I could get something accomplished.

2 ) Finish the top (at least) of the next commission quilt.

I did finish the top, and as soon as Vivian’s Flowers is quilted, I should get to the quilting of this one. I can’t show it to you because the customer hasn’t seen it yet.

So . . . I get to pick one new thing for next week’s list, and I know just what it will be.

1 ) Cut out the projects I am taking to the Blogger’s Retreat so they’ll be ready to go. I want to have everything cut out ahead of time so when I get there I can just sew and sew and sew. Plus, I don’t want to work on only one thing the whole time, so I need multiple projects.

2 ) Finish Vivian’s Flowers. Next on the longarm . . . really! Check with me next week . . .

Meanwhile, hop over to Bari’s to see what she and the others got done this week.

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  1. Better to get something done than nothing done, and you can tell you Cowboy I said so.

  2. Hope you’re adding those lists to your journal! Sounds like you’re getting more done that I am. Just hold yourself up to my meager list of what actually gets done and you will always feel accomplished! You’re too hard on yourself and you make me look bad! Holding you to that finish of Vivian’s Flowers!

  3. Hey some progress is better than none.. I seem to be getting slower with each week, or it is that we just add things to our days that are not on THE LIST.. LOL Either way have a great week.

  4. Lovin’ your #1 for the to do list! I doubt I will have anything cut out by then. I will be lucky just to have the car packed and get out the door! LOL! I’ll be bringing my cutting mat, ruler, and rotary blades! (Speaking of that, I think I need some new ones. Better go shopping! Oh, wait, there’s always Gruber’s!) I a SO EXCITED to see you! It’s gonna be fun!

  5. Adding stuff to the list would be something my sweetie would do… hilarious, Cowboy.

    I’m still missing you today!

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