Finito. Infine.

Finally finished.

I could not be any more happy than I am at this moment to have this quilt off my To-Do List.

Vivian’s Flowers . . . in all it’s huge glory . . . 92″ x 107″ of it, to be exact.

Commission jobs involving handwork are a lot of . . . well . . . work.

It has taken me a full year to get this quilt finished.

The original story of it is here: Vivian’s Flowers . . . where I tell about taking on the job of making this quilt.

And may I say right now: I LOVE THIS QUILT!

I love how it turned out. I love the fabrics in the flowers. I love doing handwork. It was fun to make, even if it did take me a long time.

It was even fun to quilt. If this quilt were mine, I’d have done so much more with the quilting, but when it’s the customer’s, you do what they ask. In this case, it’s a good thing, because this was quicker and easier than what I would have chosen.

But the most fun was delivering it to Mary. Because now I am finished with it. Whew! What a job!

During the making of this quilt, I was in contact with Mary every so often, just to keep in touch and let her know that I hadn’t forgotten about it, and giving her progress updates. During this time, back in October, Mary suffered a stroke. (This was after her broken foot incident.)

She’s made a remarkable recovery, and the only tell-tale signs she’s left with is having to sometimes use a walker, very minimal speech impairment, and some trouble coming up with a word she wants to use now and then. As she puts it, “the elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top any more.” But she’s still Mary, and just the cutest little thing.

Mary absolutely loved the quilt. She got so excited, she couldn’t speak at all for a little bit . . . then she cried. Then she squealed, and said how much she wished Vivian herself could see it. I helped her spread it out on the bed in her guest room, and she oohed and aahed over it for the longest time. She was over-the-top happy to have it done and on the bed. So was I . . .

Then she promptly asked if I’d do another quilt for her. She gave me some blocks to come up with a design for a throw quilt. Thankfully, no handwork on this one, so it should go much more quickly. What am I thinking?

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  1. Oh my word! That was SO worth the wait!! I love the sashing fabric you chose. I can only imagine how thrilled Mary is to have it on that bed! Made me laugh that she gave you another project! Vivian’s Flowers is stunning, just as I knew it would be and I’m doing the Snoopy Happy Dance for you. Well done!

  2. You’ve just earned yourself a set of wings….

    Angel wings, that is, my friend… *VBG*

    Sooooo happy that Mary was happy of OMG what a gorgeous, bright, cheerful quilt that is!!!!

    Love it and CONGRATS for finishing it!!!!


  3. Wow! Shelly iT looks so great!!! Well done!!! I got a little emotional reading this! Beautiful quilt to someone who will adore it.. Nothing better!!

  4. I was ready to cry looking at it and it isn’t even my quilt. Lovely!

  5. Beautiful quilt and beautiful work. You did a wonderful job!

  6. WOW!!!! It is beautiful! I love fabrics from that era and that quilt is amazing. The picture of Mary with her quilt and her happiness, is worth a 1,000 words. Very nice handwork and very nice quilting.

  7. Awesome quilt AND story! 🙂

  8. Oh, Shelly, it is spectacular! You did a marvelous job on every piece of it! Well done! And congratulations! How special that it was so meaningful for her!

  9. Wonderful, Shelly, and thank you for sharing the picture of Mary and the quilt on her bed. How incredible and so worth all the work and agony you put into finishing it up for her! I was crying too!

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