Out of the Mouths of Cowboys

Well, the mouth of MY Cowboy, anyway . . .

I’m surrounded by hilarity on a daily basis. I’m truly blessed.

He’s a constant source of amusement.

He probably doesn’t even remember that he said half of this stuff!

But here’s a sampling . . .

“She’s got one foot in the grave, and she’s standin’ on a banana peel.”

“Of all the days not to wear underwear.”

“Well, looky there! Cows in the yard!”

“I need a colonic.”

“Does it never cross your mind that at some point we’re gonna have to eat?”

“Whaddaya mean ‘Most of my comments aren’t bloggable?'”

“There’s nothing inherently disgusting about my underwear.”

“I’m bein’ honest. You always mistake that for hateful.”

“I have an ow-ie.”

“You could darn my socks, but I say damn ’em.”

“He’s probly tinklin’ the ivories.”

“I coulda done that naked.”

“My mother  . . . is on crack.”

“I’ve invented a new category of obesity: elephantine.”

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  1. Ha! Those are great. I live with that kind of humor too. Last week, I told my husband the new book I’m writing is a romance. Looked at me and said, “Romance? Are you sure? You don’t know much about that.”

  2. He is too funny. My Cowboy’s quotes and quips aren’t bloggable either. They would offend too many people! LOL. Can’t wait to see you. I started laying out stuff to take. I keep adding projects, “just in case” I have the time (haha!) or inclination to work on them.

  3. Sounds like y’all need a reality show! LOL! I don’t watch them, but might have to watch that one!

  4. You ARE blessed! And it’s a joy and blessing to us to hear about your life. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hahahahahahahhaha! Since I know your cowboy, I can surely hear him saying all of the above….. You two are a great pair….

    Can you both just drive back up
    To mn the week after next? Just to keepe in stitches…
    Howdy cowboy!

  6. You two crack me up….and I don’t know your cowboy personally, but I sure have been around enough of them that I can hear it right now!

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