Stash Report #18 – 2011

I can’t skip a report this week, because I actually went fabric shopping. On purpose.

I was at the Blogger’s Retreat in Minnesota at Gruber’s. How could I not shop there? They had deals!

Plus, I’ve already counted everything I’m working on in last week’s report, so I didn’t get to use much extra this time.

Used this week: .125 yds

Used year to date: 71.2 yds

Added this week: 5.5 yd

Added year to date: 12.75 yds

Net used in 2011: 58.45 yds

So I’ve set myself back under the 60-yard mark with my shopping spree, but it was worth it. Wanna see what I bought?

There’s a story behind my purchase of the Saggy Baggy Elephant fabric that I’ll tell when I end up finally using it. The light blues are for an applique quilt I’ll tell you about later, too, although looking at them there with the elephant fabric, they match it pretty well. And the dark navy blue is a KONA for an embroidery project I’ll tell you about later. So I guess you need to keep checking back for my stories of why I bought what I bought!

Meanwhile, go read other reports over at JudyL’s. She spent her week knitting, and I still didn’t manage to make any progress on catching up with her.

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  1. You have reasons for buying fabric? Not just, “I wanted it”?

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