QA Report #67

Even though I’m a day late, I can’t miss reporting in this time, because for once I did what I said I was going to do!

Here it is:

1 ) Attend the Blogger’s Retreat.

Oh. My. Goodness. So much fun, I had to sleep for an entire day when I got back home! You can read about it here: Good Friends, Great Memories.

2 ) Have a lunch date with Opal, my mother’s only female classmate their senior year in high school.

I did that, too, and had so much fun. You can read about that here: My Day With Opal.

I’ve been having so much fun lately, I’ve been in a constant state of exhaustion!

But I need to pick a couple things to work on this week. So here goes . . .

1 ) I need to make my July bee blocks for the 15 Minutes Play Bee I’m in. There are so many bees going on over there, I got confused and almost made the wrong kind of blocks, so I’m really glad that I checked again before I got started! I have my fabrics out and just need to get piecing.

2 ) Gather fabrics for Amanda Jean’s 36-patch Quilt-Along I’m joining in on. I seriously do not need another UFO, but I DO need an excuse to use up a lot more fabric, and this quilt is perfect for me to do this, so I’m joining. Don’t even try to stop me. I know you wanna do it, too. And I can tell you right now, it’s not too late. Head over and check it out. It’s a great way to de-stash — I’m counting on that!

And when you’re done joining in on the Quilt-Along, you can go check out how accountable everyone else has been over at Bari’s. She’s got up some hot pix of her hubby today, too, so she’s giving us lots of eye candy this week! Go tell her Hunter Happy Birthday.

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  1. What a cool progress report! I love reading about what you got done. And your plans sounds so fun. So great to have that to look forward to. Good luck in accomplishing what you want to get done!!

  2. Sounds like so much fun!

  3. I WANT to do that QAL for the same reason as you, but am balancing that with finishing other projects. HUMMMM…

  4. I looked at the Quilt Along and drooled for about ten minutes. Then Mini-me and Munchie got in an argument and started yelling and I remembered why I don’t have time to do any more quilts. And then there is Mini-me’s quilt that needs to be finished….

    I CAN’T!!!!!

    You got a lot done and had a ton of fun! Can’t beat that for a successful week!

  5. Hi there! I think I’m going to avoid looking at Amanda Jean’s quilt along LOL…I do not need another temptation!

    BTW Shelly, just in case my emails haven’t made it to you (I think I’ve had a couple returned undeliverable) not to worry, your toile will soon be winging it’s way to you now that Canada Post’s strike is over and mail is moving (although it’s moving very slow up here). Take care, Viv

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