Stash Report #19 – 2011

I made a nice recovery this week, thanks to Amanda Jean at Crazy Mom Quilts. She’s starting a quilt-along that I just couldn’t resist, so I got to pull out all the fabrics I’ll be using for it. That helped the ol’ report quite a bit!

Used this week: 8.875 yds

Used year to date: 80.08 yds

Added this week: 0 yd

Added year to date: 12.75 yds

Net used in 2011: 67.33 yds

So now I’m back over the 60-yard mark and well on my way to 70 — woohoo! I wanted to be to 100 by mid-year, and I’m a bit behind, but there’s still hope for me to catch up. I have this (probably mistaken) notion that if I use up at least 200 yards of fabric this year, that the lids will all fit nicely on my storage bins and I will no longer have random piles of fabric laying around with no place to put it. Do you think that will really work?

At least I’m not having to pack it all up and move it, like JudyL. Go see how she and all the others did this week . . .

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  1. Looking good! Nearly nine yards used in a week is really moving!

  2. Start 4 new projects in one day as you suggested previously and you’ll be over 100 in no time! I really did do that although I didn’t get it all cut in one day. I’m waffling between Amanda Jean’s quilt-along and Bonnie Hunter’s Many Trips. Thinking about using some of that western fabric I have been buying and hoarding. I could probably make both and not even make a dent in my stash. You should be proud! Well done!

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