Tonight’s The Night

It’s gonna be all right . . .

Name who sang that tune . . .

And what is tonight the night for?

Friday Night Sew-In! Woohoo!

I believe (I hope) that I have my sister sucked into participating in this one with me. I first have to suffer through a steak dinner with her, then we get to sew. I think I might be able to handle that.

Exactly what I’ll be working on remains to be seen. I’m also getting ready for my guild’s Quilt Til U Wilt day tomorrow, so I have to have lots of portable projects ready to go . . .

Guess I’ll report back tomorrow with exactly what went on . . . Let’s just hope it’s all good . . .

Are you Sewing In tonight?

Published in: on July 22, 2011 at 1:47 pm  Comments (3)  

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  1. Was it Rod Stewart?

  2. I WISH – my quilting room is still in progress 😦 Next time I’m just driving to you!

  3. I think there was an older version, but I like the one by Rod Stewart! It’s the one that always sticks in my head. Have fun at your Sew In! I’m still running around like a chicken with her head cut of…. Sigh.

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