Friday Night, Country Style

Last night was the Friday Night Sew-In.

My sister, Katy, and I decided we’d sew together for a change.

But Friday night is her and her husband’s date night, and they’re usually accompanied by at least our brother and his granddaughter, their neighbors, sometimes the other neighbors, me and My Cowboy, Katy’s daughter and grandson, and just whoever else decides to show up and tag along. The crowd varies each week.

This time, it was our brother (Darin) and his granddaughter (LaneyB), me and My Cowboy, Katy and Denny, and their neighbors, Orville and Diane. We went to the Sale Barn Cafe in the small town a few miles over, owned and operated by Katy’s son-in-law’s brother. Got all that?

I simply have to give you a glimpse into what dinner with that bunch is like. It will clue you in to why our brother says we should never all be allowed out in public together at the same time and place.

We’ve ordered. We’re going over things that have happened since we last saw each other.

Diane is asked what her daughter is up to. She says, “They’ve gone to the water park in Kansas. You’d think they could have picked a cooler day.” Which prompted me to shoot off my mouth and say: “I thought the point of going to a water park was because it’s hot and you’d like to cool off?” Orville drawls, “You couldn’t pay me to go to a place like that . . .” Can’t say that I could picture Orville at a water park anyway . . . I’m not sure they’d let you in wearing overalls.

Everyone ordered something that came with a salad, except for me and My Cowboy. So Diane asks me, because I’m not eating yet: “Are you trying to lose weight?” I respond: “Obviously. That’s why I ordered onion rings and pie with ice cream.”

Darin suddenly pipes up, “I can’t remember if I put the dog back in. I let her out to go potty, and I don’t remember putting her back in.” He asks my sister: “You spose she’ll be OK?” Katy says, “She’s a dog. Mine survive just fine without air conditioning. And you can’t exactly do anything about it just now.”

He’s quiet for a bit, then pipes up again, “I can’t remember if I shut off the water to the stock tank.” Katy just rolls her eyes. He says, “I seem to be having trouble remembering lotsa things.” To which Katy jokes, “There’s somethin’ you can take for that, but I don’t remember what it’s called.” My Cowboy shouts out: “Viagra!”

When the laughter dies down, Katy decides to tattle on the boys, and says, “The guys almost burnt the barn down today. They hit a cow with the Hot Shot and it sparked the pour-on wormer and caught her on fire. She was running down the alleyway with her back shooting flames. They had to run her back and forth pouring buckets of water on her.”

In his defense, Orville pipes up, “It was just a small fire.” Katy replies, “Any fire in a barn with a hayloft full of hay is a big fire.” (Other than some singed hair, the cow was unharmed.)

Just then, Darin’s phone rings. My Cowboy says, “You better get it. It’s the dog, callin’ to tell you you left the water on . . .”

Wouldn’t you just love to come to dinner with us all some Friday night?

My sister and I finally did get around to getting some sewing done. She’s working on the appliqued backing for a double-sided baby quilt she’s making, and I worked on some applique blocks, while we watched “Did You Hear About the Morgans?”

And that’s how we do Friday nights around here!

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  1. I would love to go out and eat with you guys. My Cowboy would really get along well with your gang…so would I! 🙂

  2. LOL! You know, I wondered whether we were the only ones who had supper conversations like that. Good to know we have company!

  3. Yes, I want to come to dinner it sounds like a hoot an a half.

  4. Sounds like home! I would imagine you don’t need much of an ab workout after eating out with everyone….pie or not!

  5. ha! sounds like a hoot and a half. it sounds a little like when our family gets together. 🙂 but we rarely go OUT to eat.

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