Thursday Morning on the Ol’ Ranch

I was awakened at 6 this morning.

I was trying to sleep in.

I tried to pretend I didn’t hear My Cowboy’s spurs jingling as he crossed the room.

Never mind that he’d already been up and at it since 3 am.

He grabbed me by the big toe and shook.

I cracked one eye open.

He said: “You wouldn’t wanna put on some shorts and your tall mud boots, would ya?”

“Yer askin’ me to dress sexy for you at 6 in the morning?”

Him: “No. I’m askin’ you to help me. We got cows in the west pasture.”

That woke me up.

The west pasture is supposed to be empty!

I stumbled to the bathroom, brushed my hair and my teeth, threw on a ratty old t-shirt, those sexy shorts, and the tall mud boots, and headed out the door.

He had Chip saddled and ready to go. It was my job to run a few gates and make sure everyone went where they were supposed to when he brought them back. Which was about all I could handle, since I forgot to wear my glasses and couldn’t see much.

When we were all done, he inquired: “Can I ask you a trick question?”

“I spose.”

“What are you thinkin’ about makin’ for breakfast?”

“I wasn’t thinkin’ about makin’ breakfast. But I guess I can make biscuits and gravy.”

So while he unsaddled and finished up chores, I doctored my baby kitten, then headed to the shack to make homemade biscuits and sausage gravy.

By 7:30, I was ready for a nap . . .

But alas, there’s laundry to do . . .

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  1. A trick question…. this whole story just cracked me up, especially ’cause I’m imagining you telling it to me from the passenger seat on I-35!!!

  2. I absolutely LOVE your husband’s wit. That would be the only thing to keep me from killing someone who woke me at 6AM on a day I did not have to commute to my job!

  3. Funny story!! I love your stories!! I hope your kitten is doing okay. We just had our first litter and they are doing great! They are so cute.

  4. Never a dull moment…Isn’t that the truth?! When you have a morning that starts out like that, you’re whooped up tired by 7:30. I know…I’ve had to do it, too. Hope the day improved!

  5. LOL! I can relate, but I can’t complain and they do make good stories, don’t they? And heck, if you’re making homemade biscuits and sauage gravy for breakfast, I’ll be there! Tell your cowboy he’s spoiled, but then again so are you – getting to live this life. Is that baby kitten healing up?

  6. Your life and mine are SOOOOO different!

    I got up at 6 a.m., got dressed, got in my car and picked up some coffee and a muffin and headed into my office (AKA work).

    Break at 10 a.m….. leave office at 11h30 to get home for lunch…. and then, an hour later, back to office.

    Nope… no spurs jinkling in my world or cows in the wrong pasture! *VBG*

    Tks for the blog – LOVE IT, as usual!!!!


  7. Oh wow, I sure would have crashed by 7:30 AM!! Fun days on the ranch, eh??

  8. Wow! What a start to the day.

  9. I love reading what a morning is like on your ranch! So different from my morning in the ‘burbs. Thanks for sharing a moment in your life!

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