Flywheel 2011

Every year in late July, the Macon County Flywheel & Collectible Club has a huge show at the County Fairgrounds.

I wrote about our adventures there in 2009 in this post: Antique Tractors.

Last year it rained so much, the fairgrounds was a muddy swamp, they only hauled one tractor over for a short time, and I didn’t go at all.

This year, the weather looked promising, my sister managed to get my dad and brother sorta lined out in time, and we (I use that term very loosely, mind you) hauled 3 tractors to the show this year. My Cowboy is always smart enough to stay out of it. My sister and I are just about to follow his lead in the future. And yes, I collected quotes throughout this event. Read on . . .

We can never convince our father to take off work a day or two in advance and actually prepare the tractors for the show. That would be too easy and make way too much sense for a Pagliai.

So here they are at the very last minute — the night the show starts — getting the tractors ready to haul:

We were going to haul 4, but only one of the 4 we wanted to take would start. So Daddy and Darin had to pull start . . .

a couple of them . . .

And we (remember, loose term) finally got . . .

the trailer loaded . . .

and the tractors safely deposited at the fairgrounds. Whew! We — yes, we — you can tell I’m busy — someone has to document this shindig! ended up with only three tractors at the show — could never get that fourth one started. And this, out of about 35 tractors we could choose from to display.

That’s always the hard part. Then the fun begins.

I have no idea who this child is.

His grandfather was having an intense tractor discussion with Daddy, so while they chatted, he and his older brother tried out every tractor we had there. They really took it seriously!

Friday night is always the Draft Horse Pull. I wrote about that previously here: Horse Power. It’s amazing to watch.

Saturday, Katy and I spent the day walking around looking at everything. We were accompanied at various times off and on throughout the day by either Daddy, or Darin, or Deno, or Denny, or some combination of the four of them.

Whenever one of them needed direction on some issue or another, they’d come find us . . . you know how it always takes the women to keep things under control and going smoothly, right?

There were lots of people . . . and lots of vendors . . .

lots of tractors . . . including a parade . . .

and a steam engine section . . .

Old trucks . . .

I want this one . . .

lots of concession stands (we grazed as we went . . . hot dogs, onion haystacks, corn dogs, ice cream cones, hamburgers, funnel cake, iced tea . . . not to mention the ham and bean dinner we got to eat that evening) . . .

a Bingo tent . . .

And then there was this thing, that my sister wanted to buy. It’s a hog-slopper (we had to ask).

It’s from the early 1900s, and farmers used to mix up a mush of oats and stuff for the hogs, and they would pour it down that hopper in the middle, and it would run out through the holes into each of those little dips, and the hogs would eat it from there. The man selling it said he’s only ever seen three of them, and he owns one that he’s keeping for himself, and had this one for sale. For a mere $600. My sister decided to pass . . .

We decided we wanted to play Bingo. Deno said he had never played Bingo in his life, so Katy and I decided we’d break him in. It did not go well. You know how sometimes you need to laugh so hard that all you can do is gasp for air and make squeaking noises? Well, that didn’t go over so well, either, at least not with Deno.

Having never done it before, he was trying to daub his Free Spaces without taking the lid off his dauber, got frustrated because it wasn’t working, missed the first three numbers the speed demon who was calling the game sang out, ripped the card off the table and flung it, mumbled something under his breath about the evils of the game, and stomped off and disappeared. Katy and I were laughing so hard, I think we missed several of the numbers they called our ownselves. We didn’t win anything . . . and didn’t see Deno for quite awhile after that . . . although he did eventually forgive us for laughing at him — I think.

The tractor parade went right by the Bingo tent, so I got some shots of some of the entries in the parade. Here are some of them for your viewing pleasure:

And as usual, I’ll leave you with the quotes I collected from our time at this year’s tractor show. Not all of them were from us this time. I’ve included a few I overheard from others. I know it’ll make you wish you were hangin’ out with us . . . doesn’t it always? . . . Enjoy!

“Is that a tea strainer?” . . . “Well, it’s either that or somethin’ you smoke dope with . . .”

“Those plastic chairs must be better load bearers than I thought.”

“It’s gonna take a lotta forgiveness for the language you use gettin’ it started.”

“They’re probably bonding. A little Barry White and a glass of wine.” . . . “You mean some Black Sabbath and a bottle of whiskey, don’t you?”

“You’re not bleeding from that, are you?” . . . “My ears are . . .”

“Well, they really drew a crowd!”

“Are you gonna sing the ‘Star-Strangled Banner’?”

“I’ll tell you what — if these beans come out half as hot as they went in, it’ll be somethin’ . . . ”

“Chastity and I parted company a good while back, so don’t put yourself out defendin’ my honor.”

“Well, you know . . . there’s not usually a whole lot to do in this town.” . . . “I know, that’s why I’m thinkin’ about startin’ a brothel.”

“You’ve been treatin’ me like a bastard step-child from Hell.”

“I need to go home before I get any meaner.”

“I AM that talented, but I’m not gonna do it in public.”

“That man is so kooky over you, it’s nauseating.”

“You can ask if you want something; just don’t ask me for sex, ’cause I ain’t that kinda guy.”

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  1. LOVE those quotes! Hilarious!! I can just imagine the conversations going on around those quotes. Looks like such a fun day. I love seeing all the different tractors, colors and people out enjoying themselves.

  2. You guys are so funny. I was laughing so hard at the bingo dauber story! I love those read trucks. I’d take either! I enjoy the horse pulls, too. Those horses are amazingly strong!

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