QA Report #70

Tried posting this yesterday, but ran out of steam . . .

Or I was steamin’ . . .

. . . or puttin’ off steam . . .

or something like that.

I hate to complain about the heat, because I sure hate winter, but we’ve had several really really hot days all in a row lately, and no rain, and yesterday was actually cooler than it has been . . .

I guess having the temperature go down to the mid-90s for a change is sorta like in the winter when it gets above zero for a change. It’s still not what you’d really like, but it’s so much better than what it has been, it seems like a break!

The horses have been walking around soaking wet, the cows stand under the trees and in the creek (which is getting about dry), the dogs just loll in one spot panting, the cats hide in whatever shady spots they can find, and not much goes on outdoors around here in the daytime.

Skeeter doesn’t even greet us at the gate any more. She just stays in her shady spot and wags her tail at us.

Me, I try to avoid having to go out, and stay in my studio and quilt. And even then, I can’t seem to do the things on my list!

Here’s what I intended to do last week:

1 ) Work on my Bee Quilt for the 15 Minutes Bee.

Didn’t touch it. The stuff is all laying out and ready, I just walked past it a million times in favor of working on other things.

2 ) Keep up with the quilt-alongs I’m in, The Farmer’s Wife, and Amanda Jean’s 36-Patch.

I made a good effort on this one. I’m caught up on The Farmer’s Wife, but I only got about 6 more 36-Patch blocks made. Now I’m officially behind on that one, since I wanted to make 10 a week.

So for this week, I think I’ll try again . . .

1 ) To work on my Bee Quilt for the 15 Minutes Bee.

2 ) Catch back up on my 36-Patch blocks.

That’ll be about enough. Several unexpected things cropped up last week to keep me otherwise occupied, and if that happens again, I’ll have enough to do trying to get those two things done.

Meanwhile, go see if anyone else is holding themselves accountable over at Bari’s, and if it’s hot where you are, try to keep cool. Maybe stand in the creek?

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  1. It is almost to hot to quilt..even inside with the air on. LOL

  2. It’s been a busy week around here, too. It was hot like that here earlier, but it hasn’t been so bad this week. We’ve had some good thunderstorms, too, so that’s helped.

    Well, the tractor took another dump on us tonight. Lloyd is so frustrated he may go buy a new one tomorrow. So, that’s $1500 we won’t be able to spend on the house. Shoot.

  3. Did you get any rain Monday? We finally got about an inch and a quarter and it is only supposed to be in the 70’s tomorrow! Cool! It was in the 70’s Monday and that is the first time since MAY that we have had tempuratures that low!

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