That I have actually been working on stuff . . . and that I’ve been busy . . .

I made this for Tara, and blogged about it HERE. It really wasn’t as bad as I let on . . . I’m just not a huge fan of paper piecing because I have trouble figuring out that mirror-image thing, or I sew on the wrong side of the paper, or I don’t cut my pieces big enough, or . . . Once I get going, I’m OK, tho . . . I managed to get this one done correctly on the second try. Thank goodness she sent enough fabric!

I’ve been playing with Sunkissed . . . (by Sweetwater for Moda) . . .

I’m fixin’ to do some embroidery . . .

I helped my daughter pack and move from one place to another.

I attended the local tractor show with my family. That story is HERE.

I’m making mug rugs for me and my QQB cohorts out of some cute charms I got from Rene. I’m sorta using this tutorial by Brooke, but then sorta not because I didn’t read the instructions first (duh) . . .

QQB actually met last night, but I didn’t get any pictures from our meeting because My Cowboy needed my camera . . . to take pictures of . . . mules . . .

I made this for Lisa for a Solids Swap . . . You can read about it HERE . . .

. . . and got this back in return. (I’m pretty sure I got the better end of that deal!) You can read about Lisa’s process HERE.

I made an announcement over on the Hazel’s Diary Blog. If you’re involved in the past quilt-along over there, you need to read the announcement. And if you’re interested in the next quilt-along that’s coming up over there, keep checking back.

My Cowboy went on another road trip without me because I was busy with the tractor show and helping my daughter move, but he still brought me back a present. My quandary is trying to decide whether to use it in my kitchen or in my studio. I love it!

I updated my About . . . page on my web site. The old one was boring me to tears . . .

I made this for Amanda Jean, it was an absolute blast to make, and I blogged about it HERE.

My friend, Rose Marie, came down and sewed with me all day yesterday . . .

My daughter gave me a bunch of goodies when she moved, so I’ve been rearranging the studio . . .

And I’m in a new group called the Modern 8 Create that is doing fun things that you can read about HERE.

And THAT is what I’ve been up to . . .

Have you been keeping busy?

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  1. Whew! I thought I was busy until I read this!!! You are kickin’ butt!
    For me, every afternoon for the last two weeks involved floating around for an hour on inner tubes with hubby.

  2. Busy! busy!!! wondering what you’re going to embroider….?

  3. Oh yes, you have definitely been busy! Love seeing the proof! Your blocks are all so fabulous. I love the modern look of that one you made for the solids segment and the charm of that star for Amanda Jean.

  4. Aaaaah…. okaaaaaay….


    Your cowboy brought you back an empty jar and you’re all happy??!?


    Why don’t you give me your snail mail addy and I’ll send you a case full of empty jars.


    Rosa Robichaud
    P.S. Sunny, Saturday morning. We’re heading off into the “country”, to go see a quilt show and HOPEFULLY catch a few garage sales, on the way!

  5. I loved reading what you’ve been up to. And I LOVE my star! Thank you!

    You are one ambitious lady. I guess to answer your question, I’ve been slacking! But I’m gearing up to kick some tail when ALL 3 kids are in school ALL day long! It’ll be crazy, having all that time to myself. I can’t imagine it!

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