The Dinner Train

Last Saturday evening, My Cowboy and I were treated to a very special and fun experience by my daughter. She told me two weeks ago to mark the date on my calendar, let nothing stand in my way, dress up, and show up at her house at 6:00 on Saturday night. She would not tell me what for . . . it was to be a surprise.

So I had to wear a dress. I don’t think I’ve worn a dress in over 6 years! And that meant fancy shoes. No cowboy boots allowed. I actually managed to produce a pair of fancy shoes from the depths of my closet . . . still in the box . . . worn only once . . . but fancy . . . and RED!

My Cowboy put on his brand new cowboy hat, and off we went. We were actually on time for once, in spite of me . . .

She loaded us in her car, and we took off across town, us still not knowing where we were going or what we would be doing. I was just hoping she wasn’t going to make me do too much in those shoes!

We pulled into a chain-link-enclosed parking lot full of security guards, parked and got out, and here is what we saw:

The Columbia Star Dinner Train

Yes, it’s a real train . . . made of fully restored 1930s & 1940s railroad dining cars, pulled by a 1950s locomotive.

We were greeted by Amando, who handed us our boarding passes . . .

We were escorted to our table . . .

And we got to eat dinner while taking a train ride! Awesome!

I haven’t been to anything “dress up” in ages. I haven’t been seated at a table with that much silverware in ages. I’ve never eaten dinner on a train. The whole experience was just so different and fun. The food was awesome, starting with that shrimp cocktail you can see on our table above. (Never have I been so glad that My Cowboy won’t eat seafood!)

The train pulls out of the station as you’re served drinks, and then they just keep bringing out food for the entire leisurely train ride through the countryside. This was our appetizer . . . little phyllo pillows stuffed with grilled vegetables and a touch of balsamic . . . Mmmm . . .

Here’s a view out the window shortly after pulling out of the station:

The entire time, they’re piping in 1930s & 40s tunes, and as we rolled slowly along, people were lined up as the train went by at different locations, waving to us. We went right through lots of back yards!

We were served hot rolls and Caesar salad next. Here’s a shot of the inside of the dining car, altho a bit blurry. The train was moving, so my camera wouldn’t focus . . .

Next, they brought out a prime rib as big as the plate . . . with a baked potato and sauteed green beans. The finale was strawberry shortcake . . . I was absolutely stuffed!

After about 3 hours, the train arrives back at the station, and you are escorted (by Amando) off the train. It’s an absolutely fun and wonderful experience, and I highly recommend it. I wanna do it again . . .

If you’re anywhere near Columbia, MO, or are planning a trip anywhere near Columbia, MO, and can do this, I think it’s something you should do at least once in your lifetime. You can read all about it on their website: Columbia Star Dinner Train.

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  1. Oh, wow! How fun. I wonder if I can convince my husband that we need to go to Columbia?

  2. How cool! What a great surprise from your daughter.

  3. Wow, what an awesome evening! Your dinner looks fabulous. What a treat to have a meal in such a nice setting, with cloth table covering and napkins. Where’s the picture of you two all dressed up?

  4. How fun! What a sweet gesture from your kiddo too! So where’s the proof that y’all were all gussied up? Bet y’all clean up good!

  5. What a sweet daughter, and what a terrific gift! It sounds like SO MUCH fun!

  6. That is just too cool!!! What an experience that must have been 🙂

  7. What fun! That is awesome and what a sweet thing from your daughter!

    I agree with the Ranch Wife, though, I want proof you were all gussied up! I bet you all looked awesome!

    Personally, I would have had to get some heavy duty cleaning stuff to get the dust off any heels I have…

  8. How fantastic! That sounds really great! I’m glad you had so much fun and had such a great birthday! I would have had to go shopping as I don’t own anything even close to a dress! haha!

  9. Wow!! What a fun dinner and night out. Sounds like it was definitely worth wearing uncomfortable shoes for. 😉

  10. I’m still working on an image of you in a dress and red shoes…that aren’t boots…

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