News From Slacker World

I haven’t blogged for a week! And I have so much to tell you!

Therefore, you’ll probably get inundated with random posts for the next few days as I get caught up. Just warning you now . . .

I haven’t really been a slacker, except where blogging is concerned. And I’ve only been a slacker at blogging because I’ve been so busy elsewhere.

Here’s one reason . . . I have a new helper. His name is Teddy. He’s almost 5 weeks old.

At the time of this picture, he was Googling the number 9, no doubt researching how many of those lives he has left, given that I’ve had to rescue him from Mother Nature’s evil clutches twice now.

He started out living in a box in the living room, but has since wrangled his way into being turned loose in the shack (after proving that he already knows how to use the litter box), and has decided that his favorite spot for napping is inside My Cowboy’s old worn-out house slipper.

I’m sure he will be disappointed to discover in a few weeks that he is NOT actually destined to be an indoor cat after all. Gidget is beside herself now that there is a new baby on the premises. She’s a nervous wreck just thinking that SHE isn’t the baby any more. So far, she is inconsolable . . .

I’ve been making more 36-patches for Amanda Jean’s Quilt-Along:

I’ve been dabbling in embroidery, and I’ll show you more about that project when it’s finished:

Somewhere in there, I celebrated another birthday. I’m not complaining about that at all. I got cake . . .

. . . and presents . . .

. . . and on that day . . .

I joined a new quilt guild, The Pecan Valley Quilt Guild, in Brunswick, MO. I was looking for a Modern Quilt Guild, and stumbled upon them as the nearest one to me, and it just so happens that they meet at Sew Sweet Quilt Shop, so this will give me an excuse to go there at least once a month now. Works for me! They’re a great group, and I think we’re going to have a lot of fun!

I also still belong to the guild I’ve always belonged to, and always will, the Hands of Friendship Quilt Guild in Kirksville, MO. In fact, we just met last night, and had a blast, and I now find myself on 3 new committees for this year. Please don’t tell My Cowboy that I signed up — it’ll give him a stroke.

While on the subject of joining, I must tell you about the newest group I’m in, the Modern 8 Create Group. We are a group of 8 quilters, challenging ourselves to do wonderful things with fabric. I’ll blog about my first challenge piece a bit later. But do go check out our group blog to see what we’ve been up to . . .

I’m also teaming up with Victoria and Pat Sloan to gather more quilts for the BumbleBeans BASICS Quilt Gather. I’ll post more on that later, but in the meantime, go read up on the project HERE, and see if you can help out.

I’ve been doing things with My Cowboy. In amongst the farm work we HAVE to do, like chasing cows, fixing fence, chasing cows, loading and hauling cattle, chasing cows, getting horses shod, chasing cows, taking care of all the cats and dogs, chasing cows, wishing it would rain, chasing cows, hauling feed, and chasing cows . . . we have taken the time to go swimming, always try to have Sunday dinner with my sister and BIL, and have been on at least one romantical drive.

Our last one was so close to dark, I only managed to get one picture:

But we saw two sets of twin fawns and a fearless raccoon, among other things, on this particular trip.

And speaking of hauling cattle . . . We hauled a load to the sale barn this morning, and when we got there, we also discovered that we had hauled Skeeter along, too! She’s black, it was still a bit dark outside, and she sorta looks like a calf . . . hmm . . . let’s just say she was glad to get back home!

And when hauling feed, it’s imperative that you unload in a hurry, because some of us just CAN’T abide the wait . . . and so we help ourselves . . .

I also had a sew day with my friend, Rose Marie. She came down and spent the day so we could work on our Hat Boxes quilts. Progress was made. Here’s her pile:

And here’s my pile:

I’ll keep you updated as we get further along. We have another work day on the books soon.

And that’s about all I can think of right now, although I’m sure I’m forgetting parts of it, and I’ll have some other posts about some other stuff I’ve been doing later on. See, I told you I’ve been busy . . . I’m just thankful I’m not also having to get kids ready for school to start!

What have YOU been up to?

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  1. Well I certainly haven’t been up to as much as YOU have! Good gravy Girl! You’ve got the pedal to the metal! Happy Belated Biirthday – that cake is too cool to cut into, but I’ll bet it was yummy! Tell Gidget to cowboy up and let that sweet little Teddy hang around a bit….he’s pretty cute! After reading your post, I’m thinking I need a nap, but I’m just about to finish stitching the binding on our daughter’s college quilt and I’ll nap while it’s in the dryer. You’re really whipping out those 36-patches!

  2. Wow Shelly, I guess you have permission to slack off a little with the blogging….it’s not like you haven’t been doing anything else 😉 Happy belated birthday!!!! Cute cake! Enjoy all your new quilting guilds and groups…can’t wait to see and hear more.

  3. Wow girl, you HAVE been busy! Happy Birthday. My sweet hubby’s was on Tuesday 🙂

  4. Well you have been very busy, Kind of makes me feel ashamed of myself. LOL

    Happy late birthday.

  5. Teddy is CUTE! He looks like Spencer did when I first got him.

  6. Busy, busy, busy. Your new little kitten is so cute. You are so cute with your posts! Can’t wait to see your hatbox quilt finished.

  7. Hi Shelly, Hope you had a great birthday! Love the cake. That kitten is just too cute. I think the kitty should be an inside kitty. Especially since it is already litter box trained. Could be a big help to you. So how many of the 36 patch blocks do you have done? I was going to try to get the rest of mine done yesterday at quilt group, but ended up having machine problem s and doing hexies instead

  8. Happy Birthday, Shelly! I hope it was a good one. There’s nothing better than a new project and a new kitty!

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