Visitors To The Ranch

We don’t get many visitors out here.

Frankly, we don’t invite many people out, mainly because we don’t want them to destroy their vehicles getting here on our horrible gravel and dirt roads.

Add to that, the shack is not a very inviting place to sit (well, there really aren’t any places to sit, except one chair for My Cowboy), or have any type of normal conversation (because the cats want to be in on every little thing — after all, it’s their shack, and don’t you forget it).

But sometimes, on rare occasions, someone who likes us well enough to ignore all that will brave the elements, the bad roads, and the shack’s deplorable condition (and the overly-friendly cats), and dare to visit us anyway.

Last week was one of those times.

My friend, Ceil, whom I used to work with eons ago when I worked at a publishing company, brought her grandson Christian to see the farm. They were on a vacation . . . Christian’s last hoo-rah before having to go back to school . . . so they were trying to fill their time with fun activities that they could do together all week.

Christian wanted to see the animals. I wanted to see Ceil!

They were greeted at the gate by Skeeter, who then refused to let them pet her — she’s just that way. She likes to inspect all visitors, but they’re not allowed to inspect back.

Right behind Skeeter, was the entourage of kittens, who also think they need to be in on every little thing.

Tiger was the first one to stand still long enough to be picked up, so he and Christian became best buds in a hurry. Tiger loves to be carried around, because it saves him the energy of having to pack himself from place to place, he has a higher vantage point from which he can see more, and he’s getting personal attention that you just can’t get from the ground when you’re only 5 inches tall. Plus, if you’re being carried, you can just kick back and relax, knowing you won’t get stepped on!

Christian also wanted to visit the horses and ride one of them. I pointed them out to him in the paddock, and asked him to pick out the one he wanted to ride. He chose Bonnie.

Aside from the initial disgusted look I got from her, she was fairly obliging. She doesn’t expend one ounce of energy that she doesn’t have to. Sometimes I think the only reason she doesn’t buck me off is because she doesn’t want to expend the energy it would take to get the job done (which wouldn’t even be much).

We had to pry Tiger out of Christian’s hands to even get him on Bonnie’s back. Which then meant that Tiger was underfoot, so I had to hold Tiger to keep him from getting stepped on. Christian took a couple spins around the arena with me leading Bonnie, and then he was through. He wanted to pet them all, but he was done riding. And he and Tiger hooked right back up.

Chip, of course, had to come and give kisses to everyone. Ceil got some cute pictures of Christian getting horse kisses. She was taking pictures with her cell phone and sending them to Christian’s mother. She texted right back: “Do NOT bring that kitten home with you!” She went on to add: “The horse is cute.” To which Ceil retorted, “She’s only saying that because she knows we won’t bring the horse home with us.”

When we got done playing with all the animals, we loaded up and went to town and had lunch together, and got caught up on all the old news and gossip. Christian is a hot-dog-eatin’ fool. He made short work of  a big ol’ corn dog and a plate of fries. He’s 7 years old, and will be entering 2nd grade this year.

When we got back to the farm, he had to get out and hold Tiger one more time to say good-bye, then they were off to their next vacation adventure.

It was really good to see you, Ceil!

Tiger’s been looking for Christian ever since . . .

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  1. Bet Christian will be talking about his visit for a long time! We tend to get quite a few visitors down our dirt road. They seem to not mind braving the elements and they always consider it an adventure. When we lived in the mountains, there were times they couldn’t come, even if they wanted to, because the creek was running hard. Glad you got to catch up with your friend!

  2. What fun for Christian. And he got to ride a horse. But it does sound like Tiger might have been the winner!

  3. What a fun visit, especially for Christian. Looks like he was having a ball. I would to visit your ranch someday too!

  4. Looks fun! Glad you had such a good time. C and Elsa would get along great. She’s a corn-dog-eating fool, too! And also going into second grade.

  5. Shelly – Christian and I both had a great time with you on our vacation. He chanted “Goodby Best Friend” (to the kitten) all the way from your ranch to the highway. I was chanting that in my mind to you! It was so good catching up with you. I had wanted to come see you for some time and see your quilt studio – it always puts me to shame. Now I’ve read that you’re repainting your kitchen – I liked the color it was when I was there. I’ll have to come back to see the change – best excuse I’ve ever heard!

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