It Has Been Determined . . .

. . . after the last few days . . .

. . . that I am far from being SuperWoman.

Or even SuperGirl . . .

I started to write a post lamenting my pathetic situation over the last couple weeks, but I can’t do it. Things could always be worse, and I’m extra thankful that they’re not. And . . .

I hate complaining. My grandmother never complained, and I try really hard to follow her lead.

Besides, all the stuff that has gone wrong has been equally matched by things that have gone right. Those are the things I’m choosing to remember and concentrate on.

For instance . . .

I finally found the right medication for my 14-year-old Lab that has eased her pain in her old age, and made her act more like her old self again. Even though she’s nearly completely deaf, she’s still my baby girl.

I talked to both of my daughters on the same day, and they’re getting together for some sisterly fun over the Labor Day weekend. They’re in LA, and they didn’t even feel the earthquake that hit today! They were too busy getting their hair did at a salon . . . go figure! Some things are just more important . . . earthquake — schmerthquake! Here’s a picture of them together in Chicago a few years back. Yep, sisterly love . . .

My Jimmy never complained once about not having his oil changed for at least 13,000 miles. I finally landed long enough to get that job taken care of (and promised to not make him wait so long in the future). And he also ran for about 250 miles with a nail in his tire and didn’t go flat on me until I could get somewhere safe. I love my Jimmy . . . all 262,000 miles of him. He does everything I ask him to without a single complaint — even pulling an Amish buggy.

I got to sew with my best friend for a good chunk of the day. It felt good to sit down and do handwork and chat it up. She’s making great progress on her Hat Boxes blocks. Me, I have 3 finished . . .

I’ve made some progress on my kitchen remodel. My sister helped me pick out colors, then she even went and picked up the paint for me and delivered it right to my house. Not that I’ve done anything with it yet, but I sure hope to very soon. With paint names like Decadent Brownie, Blended Chutney, and To-Die-For Red, I’m anxious to banish all Cadaver Beige from my shack and have a clean new look!

My brother-in-law took me out for pizza one night. My cousin took me out for BBQ one night. And I kicked his butt playing pool, too!

I’m healthy, and I have a roof over my head. (Next I’m hoping for a ceiling — and some heat for the upcoming winter!)

And I’ve managed to squeeze in some quilting time, in spite of myself.

So even though I’ve been too busy to get everything done that I wanted to do, and I’m behind on a lot of things, and sometimes feel like I’m getting behinder every minute, and I haven’t had time to blog, or email, or clean the toilet, I’ve decided to not worry so much about it, and things will get done when they get done.

After all, I’m no SuperWoman.

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  1. Maybe not quite superwoman, but cxlose. You certainly are a very good woman, and that is about all any of us can hope for.

  2. Wear the cape my dear! we’re all super women. 😉


  3. With all that going on, it sounds like you are in fact superwoman! You have the best attitude no matter what’s happening.

  4. You ARE SuperWoman in my eyes. Always will be. Got the pattern the other day. Thank you so much! Can’t wait to finish something up so I can make it! We have a woodburning stove we don’t need. Do you want it? It even says Kalamazoo on it. How do you like that?! Can’t wait to see photos of your makeovers. Take it easy and take care of yourself!

  5. All sounds good to me, fellow Superwoman!

  6. It’s good to see things to be thankful for! And yep, those ever-present chores will eventually get done. 🙂

  7. I like Victoria’s way of thinking! I’ll bet your family (including your sweet lab) think you’re Super Woman! Cut yourself some slack and wear the title with pride then start belting out, “I am woman hear me roar”.

  8. I’m sorry everything is not hunky-dory for you right now. It’s good to focus on the positive; things can always be worse, right? Your sweet dog looks like a gentle soul. Glad to hear she’s feeling better.

  9. I agree – you might not feel like it, but you are superwoman to me! I want to be like you when I grow up. Wait. I am grown up. Well, I can pray for change! LOL

    I can’t wait to see the pictures of the shack. Sounds wonderful. I have had an urge to work on ours and have done some organizing and getting rid of stuff…just don’t have time for more extensive work right now.

    If you get Stephanie’s wood stove, we have plenty of downed wood from the ice storm you can have. Bring your stock trailer down and we’ll have a chainsaw party……and some fun! We can take you and your cowboy out on the town…or just stay here and feed you some of my hubby’s wonderful cooking….

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