Journal Quiltlet #1

Faith, over at Fresh Lemons Quilts, is sponsoring Mini-Quilt Mondays throughout September.

It sounded like fun, so I decided to see if I could join in and keep up. Click HERE to see how it works. You should join in, too, if you can.

I’ve been working on this little quiltlet for quite some time. My friend, Rose Marie, and I decided, along with one other of our mutual quilting friends, Barb, that we were going to each begin a series of “Journal Quiltlets”. It’s been a long time since we said we’d start.

Rose Marie chose a theme for hers, and she already has 4 little quiltlets finished. They each have the word “out” in the name, such as “Out of the Blue”, etc.

I don’t know if Barb has done any yet, or what her theme or intent is with her quiltlets. Guess I should check in with her and see!

I did not choose a theme. Instead, what my goal is with each of my quiltlets is to try something I’ve wanted to try or need to practice, but don’t want to do on a large scale. For example, I have always wanted to try Jacobean Applique, but I don’t want (nor do I have time) to make a large Jacobean Applique quilt.

So for my first quiltlet, I chose a Jacobean design from this book:

And I got my fix of Jacobean Applique in a mini version.

I used fabrics I hand-dyed myself for the applique, choosing colors from my bright print that I put on the sides. I embroidered the vine. It’s not quilted and bound yet, but that part won’t take long once I get to it. It’s only 8 1/2″ x 11″. I’m making them “book-sized” and may bind them together in some fashion when I get enough of them finished.

I’m excited to have one of mine finished, so I can move on to the next one and try another technique. Next up is embellishing a piece of fabric with embroidery and beads. I have everything picked out, I just need to start!

What techniques have you wanted to try, but don’t want a huge UFO from it? You should make a little quiltlet and try it out small. And . . . join us for Mini-Quilt Mondays!

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  1. It is beautiful! I love that you used fabric that you dyed – you had your hands in this piece from start to finish. Great job!

  2. Ooooo….that turned out neat. I love that you made the fabrics yourself, and I love the idea of binding these into a book. This was sort of the idea of Lynn’s and my little challenges for each other, but we have stalled since March. We need to get back on it. We are working small, too. It’s sort of freeing, isn’t it?

  3. BEAUTIFUL! It’s so nice to work small sometimes.

  4. What a beautiful piece! And a great idea! You’ll have a fabulous book that chronicles your adventure into new techniques. Very cool!

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