Double Booked

I’ve been so busy I’ve even been forgetting to write things on my calendar. Lord knows I should never try to rely on my memory, either!

I completely forgot that this weekend was the Boonville Tractor Show, and I was supposed to go with my family to look at the tractors on Saturday. Instead, I planned to spend the day with My Cowboy, since it feels like I haven’t gotten to spend any time with him lately, and he suggested we meet The Outlaws for lunch and a visit.

So I left my poor sister to fend for herself while hauling around our brother and father for the day at the tractor show, and My Cowboy and I went to Quincy, IL, to meet up with The Outlaws for lunch.

We were a bit early leaving, and had some time to kill, so we stopped at an antique shop in Palmyra, MO, on the way. It’s the Midwest Antique Company, and it’s right on the highway, so you can’t miss it. From the outside, it didn’t look too big or even too impressive. However, once you step inside . . . ahem . . . let’s just say I was wrong.

The place is massively huge, and is full of some massively huge antique items. From a fully-restored horse-drawn carriage used by a “medicine man”, and many many many HUGE antique bed frames and other very large (and very expensive) pieces of antique furniture, there was no way we were going to get to see it all with the time we had. But here’s a few highlights:

A wooden baby stroller . . . can you imagine? My, how things have changed!

An old dentist’s chair . . . which really reminds me of an electric chair . . . which just about equates to the same form of torture either way . . . right?

The cookstove My Cowboy wants me to have for my kitchen remodel . . . which would actually be really cool, I think. He asked me if I thought I could figure out how to use it. I said, “As much as I can figure out the one I have now!”

Toys . . . Toys My Cowboy said his sister used to have . . . an old version of the Easy-Bake Oven (in the lower left), and the pink washing machine . . . I’ve never seen one of those before! Isn’t the little sewing machine adorable? And the cash register . . . My Cowboy said he used to have one. So did my older brother, only his was red. He even set up his own General Store and used to charge us for the items we “needed”. Oh, the memories . . .

And My Cowboy says this baby buggy was exactly like the one his parents had for him and his sister, only theirs was green. I simply cannot imagine My Cowboy ever being small enough to actually be carted around in a baby buggy. Hysterical!

My Cowboy found this little address book, once used as an advertising item. He bought it and brought it home, then gave it to me! I love it, and yes, I do intend to use it and keep it forever. (I have this blank book fetish going on, anyway . . .)

That was all the time we had, so we skipped on over to Quincy, and ate lunch with The Outlaws. Having recently overheard mention of a quilt shop in Quincy at one of my quilt gatherings, I asked the waitress if I could steal a glance at their yellow pages, and sure enough, just down the street from where we ate was a quilt shop, newly opened in March of this year. Father Outlaw agreed to let me stop and shop there.

It’s called A to Z Quilting, and it’s wonderful. They have lots of batiks . . . well, lots of everything . . . and I did not escape empty handed. So far I’ve been resisting, but this time, I gave in. I bought a Hometown jelly roll (by Sweetwater) and some yardage to go with it. Can’t wait to cut it up. I hope to get to that later today.

Then Mother Outlaw and I were dropped off at Hobby Lobby, while Father Outlaw and My Cowboy visited and people-watched from the parking lot.

I have never before been into a Hobby Lobby. I always assumed it would be too dangerous a place for me, and since there’s not one real close to home, I’ve always managed to stay away. Now I know I was right to be that way.

Oh, the damage I could do in that place! I managed to behave myself, and only got one item, and it was half price, and Mother Outlaw insisted on buying it for me. It’s for my kitchen remodel. It cost $3.79. Not bad, huh? But now I want to go back . . . I’ve seen it, and now know what I’ve been missing . . .

During our entire outing, my sister was texting me from the tractor show. Her theory: “Just because you aren’t here, there’s no need for you to miss out on the comments.” Which only made me sorry that I have not yet learned how to be in more than one place at a time.

So, thanks to my sister, I’ll leave you with the amusing commentary that came from my family’s outing at the tractor show, even though I wasn’t there:

“That’s a lively bunch up there. I hope no one dies before they get done.”

“How’d you like to have your ass hanging off the side of the Rocky Mountains in that?”

“Oh, look. Dolly’s gonna sing now!”

“What do you want for that?”. . . “$30. Most of them are ate up.” . . . “Yeah, well, you’re ate up if you think I’m gonna give that for it.”

“I don’t remember the name of the town, but we’re gonna call it Lisbon for now.”

“What’s that asshole’s name? No, not that asshole. The other asshole.”

“Oh, hell. Just leave it like it is. It ain’t eatin’ no hay.”

“No. I know your last name. What’s your first name?”

“We’re gonna have to wait for the next tram. You know the old man ain’t gonna ride nothin’ pulled by a green tractor. The next one is an Allis. We can wait.”

“I told you I know how to get there. I just can’t remember the road. Well, at least I think that’s the way to get there, but it could be the other road.”

I haven’t yet checked with my sister to see if they made it home all right last night. Maybe I should call her?

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  1. Love that stove, too! That would be fun. My BIL actually had one of the old wood-burning stoves/ovens in his kitchen in WI. It was really neat and he cooked with it all the time. Loved it!

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