QA Report #73

I’ve missed posting a report or two lately, simply because I haven’t had time to spend on the computer. I think I’m behind on everything . . . why not this, too?

Last report, here’s what I said I was going to do:

1 ) Finish Aunt Dorothy’s quilt top.

Here is how Aunt Dorothy’s quilt top came to me (by way of my cousin, her granddaughter):

It’s an Improved 9-Patch, and it’s a great old quilt top. However, I didn’t like the fact that there were no “melons” around the edges . . .

So I added melons around the edges before I took it to the hand quilter. Which is where it’s at right now, and I’ll take some good pictures of it when I get it back from her to show the quilt all finished.

2 ) Finish my Crayon Challenge quilt. The unveiling is at our September guild meeting (the 21st).

Yes, the 21st, as in today, and no, I did not get it finished. I did work on it, but the attempt was so feeble, I might as well not have. Having cut the pieces for the entire center the wrong size, I needed to re-figure the pieced border to make it work, and while I did do that, and it’s going to be easier than I thought, I still don’t even have the center blocks all pieced together.

So I’ll miss the unveiling tonight, but it can still be entered into the challenge category in our show next June, so now the pressure’s off, and I have until next June to finish it, which is probably exactly when I’ll be finishing it, knowing me!

3 ) Finish my pillow for our guild challenge pillow swap.

I made a pillow, and it was pretty cute, if I do say so my ownself!

And here’s the pillow I received back in the swap. Isn’t it adorable? That’s a ruffle going round and round on top. It’s soooo cute. It was made by Jessica.

Jessica’s mother got my pillow. You can see what other antics the guild is up to here: Pecan Valley Quilt Guild.

And now to make a new list . . . this is the hard part. I can never decide what I’ll be working on, and my whims change daily, so even if I say, it might not happen . . . Let’s see . . .

1 ) Finish my Little Forest Quilt-Along quilt. It’s small, I have most of my trees pieced, and I want to catch up so I can get in on the give-aways before the Quilt-Along is over and done.

2 ) Make another pillow. I’m turning my “We Love French Knots” sampler into a pillow, and I want to get it finished. I’m very close to having the embroidery done. My problem is locating a 12″ pillow form to stuff the pillow with when I’m done. May have to make my own from muslin and stuffing.

3 ) Make my September blocks for the 15 Minutes Play bee. It’s the last set of blocks to make. I just need to buckle down and do them and send them off to Brenda. (Then finish my own quilt from the blocks I received — small matter, that . . . I’ll save it for another list another time.)

So there you have it. We’ll see what I manage to actually get done. Meanwhile, you can go see what Bari (and any other brave souls who are willing to be held accountable) are doing by clicking here: My Crazy Quilting Life.

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  1. I thing you got a lot done… It is ok to be behind in every thing,,, I feel behind most of the time,

  2. I have always loved the improved 9-patch…just not enough to attempt one though! That is gorgeous! I agree, I would have had to add the melons also.

    I get derailed when I make goofs like you did on the crayon challenge. It is hard to regain the momentum. That is why Mini-me’s dinosaur teeth are still sitting in my sewing room!

    You did actually get a lot done…especially when you add all the extra stuff that have nothing to do with these reports – like scavenger hunts and fun stuff like that. You are one busy girl!

    Keep it up! Can’t wait to see what you actually get done next week. 🙂

  3. The pillow you got is great! I agree with you that the quilt needed melons around the outside. And I’m so glad you’re playing along in the Little Forest Quilt Along! I’m behind in getting my next post up. Bad girl!

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