Farmer’s Wife Weeks 13, 14, 15

Running behind, which seems to be my usual mode.

I attribute it partly to the fact that I really am a Farmer’s Wife, and as such, I’ve been busy. There’s a lot to do to get ready for winter around here. And for some odd reason, I decided that right in the middle of the most deadline-packed period of my year, the kitchen needed remodeling. And now I’m sick with a cold to top it all off . . .

But I’ve been trying to catch up, and here are the latest blocks I’ve made.

Block 25: Cups & Saucers

Block 26: Cut Glass Dish

Block 27: Darting Birds

Block 28: Duck and Ducklings

Block 29: Economy

Block 30: End of Day

And I need to get caught up and stay that way, because look what came in the mail! I’m gonna want to do this one, too, so I need to stay on track . . .

There are over 900 Farmer’s Wives playing along in this group now, so don’t forget to go check out what they’re up to at the Flickr Group page. You’ll come away inspired, no doubt about it.

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  1. Your blocks are awesome! Now you need to go to bed and rest so you can get to feeling better.

  2. Darting Birds is an amazing block. It is one I would really like to try.

    NOW–go to bed. Or have some chicken soup first. Then, go to bed. The kitchen will wait.

  3. And farmer’s wives rarely get days off, right? Someone asked me last Friday if I was glad the weekend had arrived so that I could have 2 days off. I laughed. Still, I am going to parrot the previous posters…go to bed…or at least curl up on the couch for a bit. Your blocks look wonderful! I am going to be sorry I’m not sewing these up because that is going to be one amazing quilt! Get well soon!

  4. Wait, what’s this new book? I haven’t seen that. Are they different blocks?

    Wow, I love the fabrics you are using. Really, really nice! I do hope to start in January or something…..

  5. Your blocks are really pretty. This is going to be one awesome quilt!

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