Wild West Scavenger Hunt, Step Three

If you’re playing along, Step Three of the Prairie Moon Quilts Wild West Scavenger Hunt is now posted and ready for your viewing pleasure.

If you’re not playing along, why not? It’s a fun free game, a free quilt pattern, and there’s a chance to win prizes and help out a good cause, if you so choose. Yes! All that in one place. Get over there and check it out.

Meanwhile, I’ll leave you with a story . . .

Last Sunday, my sister and brother and I attended the estate sale of our Great-Aunt Wanda. I guess maybe I can’t officially call it an “estate sale”, since Aunt Wanda is still alive and well and simply moved into town from the house she’s lived in for 64 years. But she did sell a lot of the contents and the house and property itself, so that’s an estate, isn’t it? That house was formerly the bank in College Mound, MO. It’s a really neat old brick building (that my sister and I thought might make a great quilt shop, but that’s a whole ‘nother project neither of us needs).

Anyway, Aunt Wanda’s place in town is much smaller, so she had an auction to downsize, and as family, we wanted to make sure no priceless family heirlooms fell into the wrong hands. We bought some things. Not sure they’re priceless family heirlooms, but . . .

My sister bought a little metal cabinet for her newly rebuilt sewing room, our brother bought an old bicycle, my sister bought an old toy ferris wheel (clearly the coolest piece of the day), I got a couple of end tables and some shutters for the shack remodel, and we each got at least one quilt.

I got two! I got this wonderful old pink and white Hourglass quilt with a blue border:

And this Grandmother’s Flower Garden:

We were enthralled with this one odd patch in the middle of one of the flowers:

My sister and I also each got some old dishes, since that’s a fetish we both seem to share, and passed up lots of other stuff we might have liked to have had, but simply don’t have space for. It was an absolutely gorgeous day to spend outside, and we got to see lots of family and friends and do some visiting. Darin had Aunt Alice laughing so hard I thought she’d fall out of her chair!

Don’t forget: Go get in on the Scavenger Hunt!


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  1. Cool beans that you got those quilts! Neat! I really love the Grandma’s Flower Garden! I have the first two steps of the scavenger hunt printed off. I’ll see if I can get started!

  2. What wonderful quilts! And the other goodies….Isn’t it great to keep some of that stuff in the family. If nothing else then for the memories.

    When my uncle died (his wife, my mom’s sister, died 12 or so years before Jerry did) all the belongings went into an auction, even stuff that came from my mom’s folks and had gone to Janey. Mom and I went to the auction and I picked up several things that reminded me of Janey – she collected little pig statuette thingies, so now I have two pigs peeking out of the leaves of two houseplants, one of those porcupine boot scraper things, and Janey’s canister set. They remind me of her and Jerry every time I look at them. I even have an old crocheted afghan that I remember being at my Grandma’s house when I was a little girl Wonderful memories!

    One good thing though, before he died Jerry gave me a quilt that had been made by a master quilter in his family as well as several older ones belonging to mom’s family. I could never have afforded them at the auction! One of them was a gorgeous pickle dish.

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