QA Report #76

Boy, the Wednesdays roll around so fast, I can barely keep track of the days!

Here’s what I wanted to get done last week:

1 ) My block for the Celebrate Christmas Quilt-Along being hosted by Michele over at Quilting Gallery is due to be posted tomorrow!

It’s done, it’s cute, and you need to get over there tomorrow and check it out. Then again, why wait till tomorrow? There are already lots of other blocks posted, and they’re all free, with Super Deals being offered every day, and chances for prizes. You really need to check it out if you haven’t. And don’t forget to look for my block tomorrow!

2 ) Make a table runner for this month’s guild challenge.

I did . . . and here it is . . . it’s an improv pieced sort of thing from a free pattern off the internet. However, I can’t find it any more, so it must no longer be available, so I can’t link to it for you. I made mine completely out of scraps. It was fun and quick to do.

3 ) Make an applique block for this month’s guild challenge.

I did this, too, and you can see it HERE, and get the free pattern for it.

I’ve been making such good progress getting things done, I’m almost afraid to pick for next week. What can I put on my list that I’ll be sure and get done? Hmmm . . .

1 ) Work on my Farmer’s Wife blocks. I’ve fallen behind, as I knew I would, but every now and then, I make a spurt of effort to catch up. I’d like to do that this week, and see if I can make some progress.

2 ) Finish this year’s Prairie Moon Ranch Cowboy Christmas Stocking. I’d like to have the pattern and kits in the shop by next week, and it’s so close to done . . . When it is, look out for a give-away!

3 ) Clean up one small area of my studio. The place is a disaster, but I’ve had so many tight deadlines recently (and still have more looming) that I’ve just been flinging stuff around mercilessly without taking any time to clean up after myself. If I could just do one small area (and hope that it spreads to some other areas) I’d feel much better about being able to work in there. Sometimes you just have to clean up so you can be more productive, right?

So . . . check back next week to be sure I’m not buried under a pile that’s fallen over and crushed me . . . and in the meantime, go see what the others are up to over at Bari’s.

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  1. You have gotten a ton done! Can’t wait to see Mare-y Christmas tomorrow…like the name by the way! Your applique block is beautiful!

    When you are done working on the one small part of your sewing room can you come work on mine? I am like you and have been piling while going from “fire to fire” and haven’t taken time to clean up….I know what…we can check on each other and make sure we haven’t been taken out by any piles!

    Looking forward to seeing your projects this week!

  2. You have been busy..Wow. Who has time to clean any way… I am not even thinking of cleaning even a small part of my space.. LOL

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