Brunswick Pecan Festival

Back on October 1, I had the pleasure of attending the Brunswick Pecan Festival, in Brunswick, MO. Brunswick is the home of the World’s Largest Pecan.

Brunswick is also the home of Sew Sweet Quilt Shop, where the Pecan Valley Quilt Guild (of which I am a proud member) meets monthly. Our guild had a quilt show in conjunction with the Pecan Festival, and I wasn’t about to miss it.

There were 74 entries in the show, and the building where we held it is recently renovated and is absolutely gorgeous. It just opened the day before the quilt show. It even smelled all new inside!

I didn’t take individual pictures of the quilts, but I got a couple overall shots of the entire show. Here’s Michelle and Sandra working at the door collecting Viewer’s Choice ballots.

We also held a Silent Auction during the show to raise money for us to do some charity work with.

Outside on the streets,

both sides were lined with vendors of all kinds,

as far as you could see in both directions:

crafts, services, merchandise, jewelry,

antiques, and food.

You could buy all sorts of stuff.

There was so much to see . . .

I caught one vendor napping — heehee . . .

There was a homemade Pie Auction. I got the feeling that some of the old men thought they were bidding on the cute little cowgirl holding the pies! The building in the background is where the quilt show was held (we were upstairs).

And there was a parade . . .

Just look at this crowd!

Kids were ready to watch everything, and catch candy.

And it was a great parade! There was a little bit of everything. The Color Guard (is that what you call it?),

Accompanied by the Brunswick Marching Band playing the National Anthem,

during which I was glad to see even the little tykes saluting the flag.

There were big new tractors . . .

And smaller older tractors . . . (This is the husband, son, and granddaughter of one of my friends in guild)

Old trucks . . .

Old cars . . .

And bagpipes:

The Shriners (of the Flying Barstool variety) were there.

The Keystone Kops’ prisoners were letting the kids shoot huge water guns at the Kops.

The theme for this year’s Pecan Festival was “It’s a Jungle Out There”, so there were lots of themed floats . . . although I am a little disturbed at the overly large severed chipmunk head riding on the corner of this one . . .

There were young cowboys . . .

And young cowgirls, too . . .

The weather was absolutely perfect, and the day was so much fun. And to top it off, the quilt I entered into our show got First Place Viewer’s Choice! I’m already looking forward to next year’s events.

UPDATE: Since it’s been brought to my attention that it’s mean to mention a quilt and then not show it, here’s the quilt I entered and got Viewer’s Choice with. It’s the overly large one that I made for My Cowboy year before last:

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  1. Looks like a good time! And congratulations on your win!

  2. I love how little towns go all out for celebrations and parades like this and I’m not a bit surprised that your quilt won 1st place viewer’s choice! your quilts are always amazing and I’ll bet they’re even more fabulous in person! Can you share which one you entered?

  3. Where is a picture of the quilt?

  4. What a fun time … and congratulations to you! A pretty great feeling, huh? 🙂

  5. This looks like something I would love to attend, my kind of thing! Congrats on your quilt!

  6. Imagine – And I live in NEW Brunswick!!!!


    Congrats on “Viewer’s Choice”…. but where’s the picture of your quilt?!?!?

    *tapping her foot*

    Hope to see it soon!


  7. I love small town parades, they’re the best! Congratulations on your win! Hope we see a picture of your quilt soon.

  8. Looks like the place to be! I too want to see a picture of your quilt though. Congratulations!!!!!

  9. This looked like a lot of fun – thanks for sharing!

  10. congrats on your viewers choice award! woohoo!!!! so so happy for you, friend. that’s awesome!

    i tried to comment on the applique post over on the two’s company bee a few times but blogger hates me apparently. so the comment didn’t take. what i was going to say is that the block is a wee bit intimidating but i’ll happily do it with a smile on my face, just for you. your quilt is gonna be gorgeous!

  11. Looks like a great day! And it looks like you had great weather. How much fun. You know I love that quilt and am so glad you got viewer’s choice. Woo Hoo!

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