QA Report #78

I missed reporting last week. Things just got too hectic, and I didn’t do any of the things I said I would anyway, so why confess when I don’t have to?

Here’s what I wanted to attempt:

1 ) Clean up one small area of my studio. One small area . . .

I did clean up a very teeny tiny small area. So tiny it doesn’t even show. And I cleaned out one drawer. Does any of that count?

2 ) Work on my Farmer’s Wife blocks.

Nope. Just keep getting further behind. Maybe during December I can get caught up. We’ll see . . .

3 ) Work on my 15 Minutes Play Bee quilt.

No progress here, either. The blocks are still on my wall. I just haven’t had time to play. Will the deadlines ever end?

And what’s on next week’s docket? Hmm . . .

1 ) I’d like to make an effort to clean another small area of the studio. If the areas I’m going to clean are going to keep being teeny tiny, then I really do need to tackle one each week, right?

2 ) I’m going to Houston to the IQA Festival! And I’m going to have fun . . . I’ll tell you all about it when I get back . . .

3 ) I’m gonna attempt some Readin’, Writin’, and ‘Rithmatic. I’m behind on some of my reading, I’m behind on some of my pattern writing, and I’m seriously behind on doing paperwork. I’m gonna make a bit of an effort to dig out from under the backlog.

By this time next week, I may be a drooling mess. So check back. Meanwhile, go see what everyone else is up to at Bari’s.

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  1. Hey I think a tiny clean spot counts… LOL Progress is still progress.

  2. Drawers always count.

  3. I think that drawers count “double”. That’s where I stash stuff that I’m cleaning from “areas”. And boxes count triple!

  4. Of course teeny tiny spots count, especially drawers! They can be the worst….LOL.Great hiding places you know.

    You are ambitious this week! Houston will get you all revved up for when you get home and you will get so much done. I am so excited for you and can’t wait to see your reports!

  5. Don’t even talk to me about being behind. Haha.

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