Knit For Charity

I’m a quilter.

But . . .

I also confessed a while back that I like to embroider.

And I’m confessing right now that I also love to knit.

I usually only think about knitting in the winter, though, when it’s cold and knitted stuff feels good.

I used to knit sweaters, but it would make me mad that I would spend so much time making a garment and then it would go out of style . . . so now I mostly knit scarves and blankets. They don’t go out of style!

I just made a couple of ruffledy scarves for my daughter and her best friend, and immediately started my next project — a scarf for charity.

I ran across this organization: St. Anthony’s San Francisco . . . and they are having a Holiday Knitting Donation Drive. They hope to get 2500 knitted scarves to pass out to their visitors this holiday season.

If you’re a knitter, too, I urge you to knit up a scarf for this project.  You have until December 21 to get the scarf to them. So far, I’ve promised to send one scarf, but if I have time to do more, I’m planning on it. Scarves are fairly quick to knit . . .

I also recently joined Ravelry, a wonderful online community for knitters and crocheters. I had heard of Ravelry before, but resisted joining. Now I’m wondering why I waited! I’m gonna love it. And I mention it because . . .

If you need a pattern for a scarf to knit up for the above charity project, Ravelry has all sorts of them . . . as in hundreds, maybe thousands . . . like I said, wonderful!

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  1. I love Ravelry too for knitting. It’s amazing what patterns you can find there.

  2. I love Ravelry with a capital L! Talk about finding more projects to start that I shouldn’t! Jeesh! LOL Sure, I love quilting too but man is knitting so much more portable at times. I actually have a scarf that I was knitting for my mom in UFO pile that is needing finished. She moved to Florida. Me thinks she won’t be needing it now, huh? Hmmmm…..rather good incentive to get my arse in gear to finish I think!

  3. I am looking up Ravelry right now! I used to do duplicate cross stitch on sweaters, but I quit for the same reason — those sweaters would go out of style.

    The weather is getting cold — time for crochet!

  4. Enjoyed your post! I like to knit and crochet. 🙂 Thanks for the heads-up about Ravelry – will check it out.

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