Dropping Some Eaves

I swear I try really hard not to be an eavesdropper . . .

But sometimes I just can’t help myself.

Just like I like to people-watch, sometimes it’s too entertaining to hear snippets of other folks’ conversations, and I’d be missing out on some real humor if I didn’t listen. So then it’s OK, right?

OK . . . (sorta like this other time I couldn’t help myself)

So My Cowboy and I sat down in a restaurant, and we were seated just behind a booth containing four ladies, well-dressed, obviously out for their weekly gossip luncheon. I’m a bit jealous here, because my gossip luncheon is only monthly, not weekly.

And here is what we found out:

“People are just too lazy to clean.”

“I bet she hadn’t cleaned that corner cabinet in years!”

“She used to buy bologna, grind it up, and call it Ham Salad.”

“Well, the old-timers did that!”

“I remember in the old days when people used to give you practical gifts.”

“My Poppy would always give me a mop . . . or a bucket . . . and even a waffle iron, which I never did use.”

“Somebody got me a meat grinder once — I never did use it, either.”

“And a pressure cooker.”

“Oh, those are just too much trouble . . . havin’ to wait for it and watch it and all that . . .”

By this time, My Cowboy was grinning from ear to ear, and I had nearly asphyxiated myself from trying to hold in my laughter. And then they got up to leave . . . so soon? I was crushed.

My Cowboy and I looked at each other and said: “Well, there goes the entertainment!”

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  1. That’s so funny! What’s really funny is that I was telling my hubby just yesterday that I think I’d like to have meat grinder! 🙂

  2. Too funny! Sounds like these ladies don’t have enough to do. Maybe someone should teach them how to quilt 🙂

  3. I’m wondering about the cleaning of the corner cabinet..sound like they would never have cleaned a corner cabinet in their lives, the servants would have done that!

  4. The trouble is, I think they were right. I also knew someone who ground up bologna and called it Ham Salad! (Might have been the same person?????)

  5. This was too funny!

  6. LOL! I’m usually too busy chatting to listen to others. Sounds like I’m missing out. Those gals were a hoot. I had better go clean my corner cabinet.

  7. The nice thing about being sanctimonious is that they have never made any social, housekeeping, or marriage faux pas. Good for them. The rest of us live in that other world. Where dirt, embarrassment and divorce happens. And let’s not even talk about kids!!

  8. Love it. I would have loved to have overheard that one. 🙂

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