Wild West Scavenger Hunt, Step 6

Step 6 of the Wild West Scavenger Hunt is now posted. Only one more to go, and I’ll have it up real soon. No sense dragging out the tail end of this shindig, is there?

Besides, my sister sews faster than I can type, so I’m sure a lot of the rest of you do as well. And I’m anxious to see some finished quilts! My sister’s is going to be beautiful.

While I was taking the time to work on the instructions, My Cowboy was left unsupervised for a few minutes. With nothing better to do, he took it upon himself to cut his own hair. I was off in my own little world, paying no attention, until he came to the studio door, and sheepishly said, “Come here.”

So I obeyed (because I always do — yes, always) and when I stepped through the door I saw that his hair was shorter. I exclaimed: “Oh, you cut your own hair? It looks good!” Until he turned around . . . and I went into shock. And naturally, guess what he wanted? . . . Yep, for me to “fix it”.

Well, when huge chunks are shaved out of your hairline, there’s not much you can do except let them grow out, but I patched up what I could, then reminded him that it’s a good thing he wears a hat 99% of the time.

He’s still very proud of his accomplishment. He said: “I’m having a difficult time.”

“Doing what?” I inquired.

Him: “Stepping away from the mirror.”

Laughing hysterically, I asked “Why?”

“‘Cause I am one handsome SOB,” he replied. And yes, when he looks out from under that black cowboy hat with those green eyes, he’s correct. I’ll just try to ignore the hair until it grows out . . .

When you’ve stopped laughing, get over to the Wild West Scavenger Hunt for some extra fun!

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  1. LOL! Y’all should have a reality show! I don’t watch them, but I’d watch y’all. I’ve ‘fixed’ plenty of haircuts through the years. Wish I had been able to jump in on the Scavenger hunt. I’m already regretting it.

  2. That is too funny!!! My hubby says the same thing when he gets cleaned up and we are ready to go out somewhere–which I definately don’t argue with either!! 🙂

  3. You guys are a riot! Doesn’t your belly hurt from laughing all the time?

  4. At least he didn’t try to cut YOUR hair! You would have to wear your hat 99% of the time! LOL

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