Thanksgiving at the Ranch

As usual, we have a lot to be thankful for around here. And honestly, we’re thankful every single day of the year, so Thanksgiving is not unusual here at the ranch.

But it does afford us an excuse to see family members who get time off and come visit, like our nephew from Pittsburgh, who refused to have his picture taken . . .

And my daughter . . . the City Girl . . .

She came up for the day, and actually asked My Cowboy if he would help her ride a horse. Her first time ever riding a horse, in fact!

My sister was hosting The Dinner at their farm, and it was my job to bring the pies. So I made two pumpkin pies and a pecan pie before the City Girl got there.

With the pies cooling on top of the stove, we stepped outside to do the horseback riding thing, and as we opened the door, one of the kittens sneaked in.

My Cowboy stepped back inside to retrieve something we needed for the “rodeo”, and when he returned, he glibly announced, “Well, DJ likes punkin pie! A lot!”

As I gasped and started for the house, he added, “Oh, it’s way too late . . . don’t bother looking.” And it was  . . . way too late in the day to start over making more pies . . .

So we ignored the pie debacle for the time being, saddled up Bonnie, my trusty steed, and the City Girl went for a spin. I think she had fun. She’s already said she wants to try it again.

I even made a couple rounds around the arena my ownself, just for fun to put off facing the inevitable pie disaster I knew was waiting for me in the kitchen.

Turns out only one pie was ruined, and we just set it outside and let all the barn cats have their very own Thanksgiving . . . Who knew cats liked pumpkin pie so much?

We got the rest of the pies safely transported to my sister’s house, and had a good meal and a good visit with everyone. My Cowboy was quite popular . . . everyone wanted to share his chair with him . . . Max . . . and Gracie . . .

. . . who decided that she was gonna just stay right where she was. She looks how we all felt afterward!

I hope all of you had just as wonderful a Thanksgiving holiday as we did!

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving Day! Soooooooo many blessings! One of our cats got in the house, too, but thankfully, it was after all the food had been put away.

  2. Glad you all had a good Thanksgiving! What a deal about the pie. LOL 🙂 That cat picture said it all. God bless!

  3. That must be a whole pie inside that cat! LOL.

    We have DiNozzo, Counter Surfer Esq. He is a basset but can reach the very back wall of the counter by standing on the lower edge of the cabinet door. Very creative, he is.


  4. Shelly, sounds like y’all had a fabulous Thanksgiving!!! So glad. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

  5. Hope you hada great Thanksgiving! I am so far behind. Your story about the pies is just hilarious. I love it.

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