News From The Ranch, Episode 814

Things have been crazy busy around here!

Here’s some of what I’ve been up to . . .

It was a sad day, but I sold my poor old Jimmy. At almost 267,000 miles, the transmission went out, so we decided it was best to just retire him.

And it was a happy day when I replaced the poor old Jimmy with this! (Which already needs to be washed . . .)

Yes, that is a saddle on the ground by the truck. And look what’s inside it!

Tiger seems to think it’s a good kitty tent. And isn’t Tiger a cutie? He was so scrawny and . . . well, I’ll just say it . . . ugly . . . when he was smaller. Sickly, too. I wasn’t sure I could doctor him enough that he’d make it. But it worked, and he did, and he’s grown up to be one of the most beautiful cats on the farm. And with his winter coat on, he’s so snuggly and cute. I just want to squeeze him all the time! He doesn’t mind at all — he’s still lobbying to become an indoor cat.

The Wild West Scavenger Hunt is still going on. There is still plenty of time for you to play the game, get the free pattern, have some fun, and help out a good cause if you so choose. It doesn’t end until January 31, 2012, so hop on over there and get to playing!

The saddle was on the ground because My Cowboy was headed out to get some work done while the sun was shining. The sunshine was deceiving, however, because it was still pretty cold. He had lots of help getting ready:

And after getting saddled up and bundled up, off they went, the four of them . . . because we all know that Chip and My Cowboy can’t possibly get enough work done without the help of Skeeter and Blueberry!

And I went back inside to quilt!

I finished my quilt top for the Little Forest Quilt-Along that Stephanie hosted over at Peas in a Pod a while back. I still don’t have it quilted, and I can’t really say when that part will happen, either.

I’ve knitted six scarves recently. Two for this charity. Four like this:

I went to my Modern Quilt Guild‘s Christmas party. Here we are after all the festivities:

Our block exchange challenge this past month was to make blocks like these. Michelle won the entire set of blocks, so she’s going to have a great modern Christmas quilt for next year!

And no matter what I’m doing, I have a helper named Big Dan. He cannot stand to be left out of any activity that’s going on, and once I’ve settled in to whatever I’m working on, he feels free to play and explore on his own, or take a nap. And he’s an expert at those things!

I’m a little confused as to what he’s trying to tell me here. Either he’s doing early auditions for next year’s Halloween costume, or he’s trying to convince us to wrap him up and give him to someone else for Christmas. Honestly, how could he be happy anywhere else? He’s the King of this here ranch shack. What more could a kitty ask for? But I do know that Tiger would take his place in a heartbeat!

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  1. Oh, the Jimmy! So sad….

    My permanent shadow is named Kato, but the Queen of the castle is Maggy, the persnickedy tiger cat I inherited as a kitten 12 years ago.

  2. It is always sad to retire a vehicle, but it looks like you have mustered a fair replacement.

  3. Poor Jimmy! But I think you have a good-looking new truck! Love all the kitty pictures.

  4. Cute trees Miss Shelly! Miss ya! say ho to the cowboy!

  5. Your Little Forest turned out so cute! Way to go on getting it done! Love your new truck. Love it! Jealous! Also jealous of your Cowboy’s riding. Have a wonderful day. Cute kitties.

  6. I do like your trees! So cute. I also love your new truck! We had to exchange our suburban this year and unfortunately had to get a car….too much milage (and gas!) to put on a truck driving the kids around to and from school. The dually will have to be replaced in the next year or so and that replacement will have to be a truck!

    I knew you were busy!

    Take care!

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