LIVE 2011 – Final Update

I decided to skip the last 2 updates, see what progress I could make before the end of the year on my 11 things, and then just make one final report . . . and here it is.

1. Faithfully keep a daily diary

Still going, and I intend to keep going. After all, my book goes 5 years! I want to fill it up. I also started a paper journal to put things in related to certain dates, like ticket stubs, pictures, things I found, etc. It’s not a daily thing, but something I just add to every now and then. It’ll end up like a memory journal, and so far I like it.

2. Finish 100 (quilting or sewing-related) projects this year

I’m at 50 finished projects right now. So I’ve already done better than last year (when I only did 42), and there’s yet time for me to finish some small things if I just apply myself. We’ll see. Even if I could do just one more thing, I could say I made it over the halfway mark.

3. Get my studio whipped into shape (be more organized)

Progress on the studio reorganization has pretty much completely halted while I’ve been so busy doing commission orders and quilting customer quilts in time for Christmas. However, those are all done, and I’m planning to really spend some time whipping it into shape so that I can start out 2012 with a clean and organized work area. I’ve known what I’ve wanted to do all along, I just haven’t taken the time. The rest of the year is for me!

4. Make major improvements to the ranch shack

The shack’s kitchen is still under major renovation. We demolished it at the end of the summer, and I got too busy, and just left it that way. It’s definitely got to be addressed, however, so it’s another thing I want to get to work on and make some real progress on — both before the end of the year and on into next year. I will be showing before and after pictures of the kitchen and the studio and anything else I make improvements on. I need to brag to someone!

5. Ride my horse more

A whole year, and I didn’t ride nearly as much as I should have. The good thing about Bonnie, though, is that she’s 22 years old, and she’s always the same, no matter how long I go without riding her. She’s just always the same, no matter what. That’s one reason I love her so much. She is so agreeable, and really takes care of me when I do want to go riding.

6. Pay more attention to my health

A whole year, and I lost 6 pounds. However, that’s better than gaining 6 pounds! I do plan to do much better on this in the coming year. It really is true that “if you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything,” and I really need the energy to deal with all the great things that are coming my way and that I want to get done. So this needs to become a priority, and I need to stop procrastinating on it.

7. Establish some routines (personal and work-related)

I’ve done pretty good with setting a schedule, tweaking it when I need to, and using it as a guideline for the things I want to get done each week. I make the list, then see how much of it I can get done in that week, then each week, I try to beat my previous week’s record. I have to make things a game for myself . . . Anyway, the game is working, and I’m going to add in some more things to help keep me on track and be more productive in the next year. I think I’m ready. I think this is the first year that I made most of my deadlines without a frantic panic-filled make-everyone-around-me-miserable last-minute rush. I was able to pace myself, space out the work, and not become a crazy woman. All thanks to my new routines. I think I’ll keep it up!

8. Decrease my fabric stash

I’m planning to post one final Stash Report at the end of the year, and then I’m going to quit keeping track. Keeping track hasn’t really done that much for me, and I think I’ve got good enough habits that I will continue to shop in my stash before running to the quilt shop for more. Plus, keeping track is just one more thing to have to do, and I need to simplify my life. One less thing on my plate if I give this up!

9. Decrease my number of UFOs

I still haven’t done a proper count of all my UFOs, but I haven’t started anything new in quite some time, either. I have a new plan on how to address a few of my oldest UFOs in 2012. I’ll let you in on that later on, when I’ve decided on the details.

10. Get back to work on competition quilting

A whole year, and all I’ve done is think about this. Really? A whole year? I have problems. Fear of success? Fear of failure? Yeah, it’s pretty daunting to see all those quilts at a major show, but I’ve had quilts in those same shows before — what’s holding me back now? It only stands to reason that I should be a better quilter now than I was back then, and I did it then. I need to get started. Just set aside the time and dedicate myself to it again. I’ll keep you posted on how that goes . . .

11. Cultivate my creativity

I no longer go anywhere without my camera and my sketchbook. It really does make the ideas come faster than I can deal with them, but the book is a great resource for when I am ready to start something. Hopefully, some of those ideas will come to fruition soon, and I’ll show them to you for real!

And that’s how I did on my 11 things to work on in 2011. Not 100%, but it’s most likely way more progress than I would have made if I hadn’t paid attention and tried these things.

What about you? Did you do great things in 2011? Did you make forward progress on some things you wanted to work on? Do you have big plans for 2012? I sure do . . . Stay tuned!

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  1. Goal #7 sounds like the most successful to me–it is lovely to get to this time of the year and not feel frantic, or make the people around you frantic. This one seems central to the success of all the others. Congratulations on a great year and have a peaceful holiday!

  2. Looks like you did pretty well. Nice going.

    ONLY 42? Come on! That’s great. And 50 is even better. I need to get 7 more done in the next two days. Don’t know if I’m going to make it! Merry Christmas! You had a great year. I can’t wait for July! (Oh, I need to call Grubers!)

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