Meetin’ Joe Black

My Cowboy is a constant source of amusement. There isn’t a single day . . . ever . . . that he doesn’t make me laugh, sometimes nearly all day long.

He’s got a great sense of humor, and he’s a joker with a very quick wit.

While a lot of what he says is stuff I can’t repeat in polite company . . . (“Whaddaya mean, most of my comments aren’t bloggable?”), I have previously published some of his more hilarious quotes in other posts, which you can review HERE. (There are quotes that I’ve collected from everywhere at that link, if you’re looking for some laughs.)

And there are also some of his stories that I can repeat and feel the need to share with you, my readers, so that you can see (or at least imagine) what goes on around this ranch on a daily basis. And get some good laughs out of it, too, like I have. Here’s a couple to get you started . . . I’m sure there will always be more . . .

The other day, we ate breakfast with some friends of ours, Marge and Allen. Marge and Allen are snowbirds, and fly off to Arizona every winter and are gone until April. We wanted to get together one last time to see them before they left.

My Cowboy cracked jokes the entire time and, of course, had us all laughing through the entire meal, and as we were leaving, Marge says to him: “You’re such a dickens!”

He immediately responded: “Well! That’s the first time anyone’s ever put an ‘ens’ on the enda that!” Marge called me hours later, still laughing over it.

Yesterday, he wasn’t feeling well, and after being sick pretty much all day, I fixed him some supper and he managed to eat a little. While he was eating, he asked me if I would put a different movie in the DVD player. “I finished the one I was watching.”

I inquired as to which movie he’d like to see next (since we’ve seen every DVD we own many many multiple times). His answer: “Surprise me.”

So I put in a movie, he pushed Play, and as it came on, he said: “Aah, ‘Meet Joe Black’ — how appropriate.”

“Appropriate?” I asked.

Him: “Yeah, cos I thought I really was meetin’ him earlier today.”

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  1. I wanna hang out with you guys sometime. And bring my cowboy too. It would be soooooo much fun!

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