Task One Progress

Well! The day did not prove long enough for me to make as much progress as I would have liked.

Even though I had plenty of help . . .

. . . the piles are not gone, but they are all some better.

I got off to a good start. Before noon, I had put away a lot of things, filled an entire trash bag, had a box of stuff ready to give away, and removed all the extraneous furniture from the room. And my helper wore out . . .

So now the desk looks like a desk . . . even though it’s still piled pretty high. I think I at least cut the mess in this area in half. I sure threw away a lot of old papers, and stuff I didn’t need any more, and put a lot of it away where it belongs.

The floor pile, while not gone, is a little better; I just haven’t found a good place for everything yet.

I only cleaned off half the island top, and decided to leave the rest of it like it is for now, so I could work on the other more important piles.

The stool and its pile are completely gone. All that’s left in that area is the knitting basket and the trash can. And yes, that is a chocolate wrapper in the trash. Hey, I had to get through this somehow!

My scrap basket is down to a tolerable level. Every year I say I’m going to work on it regularly to keep it from piling up again, and I never do. But this year I’ve put it on my regular work schedule, so I’m hoping I don’t ignore myself like before, and that I really can keep it under control.

I’ve also corralled the scrap tub a bit more. I tried sitting on top of the tub to squish everything down in it, but that didn’t work. I got rid of the little box and the UFO bins that were part of the pile, but then I found scraps in other piles that needed to be added to this pile, so it’ll take a lot more work than I had time to put in on it today to get everything condensed into the tub. Maybe some actual sewing would help?

So, that’s today’s progress, because I’m going to reward myself by going to knitting meeting tonight. I’m hoping I can find some more time yet this week to work on these again, but if I don’t, at least they’re better than they were.

What did you get done today?

Don’t forget to leave a comment on the Countdown post so that you have a chance at the prizes. And check back tomorrow for Task Two!

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  1. Your progress is admirable. My next need-to-work-on is either patterns or scraps. But, not today.

  2. This post is really resonating with me–I do not have a studio with adequate storage options; in fact, that’s a problem with my entire little house. Good for you for being able to make some progress. I made a little progress too (but I didn’t see your previous post, so I didn’t take pictures).

  3. I’m updating my blog right now with my progress for task one.

    I had no progress LOL. I took photos of my piles but then got distracted with other things, including finishing a cross stitch ornament.

    But I took photos at least! I wish I had an area other then my kitchen to work in.

  4. I’ve made a real effort his year to keep my scraps under control. Although my scrap tub is as as full as it was last year (I didn’t get the stuff that was already in it cut), for the most part, I didn’t add to it this year. I cut up scraps when I finished a project and sorted them into bins. So, that was cool. I hope I can keep it up!

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