2011 Final Countdown Task Two

Time for Task Two.

How did you do with Task One yesterday?

Not only did I deal with the piles in the studio, but I also dealt with a pile of laundry, a pile of mail, and a pile of dirty dishes in the sink. Hard for me to believe, but after cleaning all day, I’m sore! How pathetic that I’m so out of shape. Guess that’s another thing I’ll need to work on in 2012 . . .

But first, I’m still wrapping up 2011.

Today’s task was spawned by yesterday’s task. While cleaning up the piles, did you unearth something you’d forgotten about? Something you set aside for no reason? Something you just put off doing? Well, I sure did . . . And Vivian, I saw that quilt that just needs binding in one of your piles . . .

So for today’s task . . .

Pick one sewing task you’ve been putting off, and do it.

Here are my choices for what I could possibly do for this task.

While I was cleaning up the floor pile, I found a stack of unquilted quilt tops. These quilt tops need backing matched up with them so they can be added to the pile to be quilted. So I could prepare backings for this stack of quilts, since I’ve been putting that off. Or . . .

I also found these two quilt tops that only need the borders put on them in order to be called complete. I could add the borders to these two tops and put them in the unquilted tops pile, too. Or . . .

I found a sack with some embroidery floss in it, and it needs to be wound on the little cardboard bobbins and filed in my floss storage bins so I can find it when I need it. So I could do that . . . Or . . .

I could work on repairing the edges of the antique Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt that my sister bought and wants to hand quilt, but wants me to fix for her first. Or repair the binding on the quilt that she bought at an estate sale a while back. Or work on the scraps some more . . .

All these are projects I unearthed from my piles. Not to mention the horrifying number of UFOs I juggled while putting stuff away!

So . . . I’m going to pick one of the above things to work on for my task today, and you are to do the same. I’m going to do more than one if I have time, but one is all it takes to call the task complete.

Do you have a quilt that just needs the binding? A top that’s only missing its borders? Some supplies that need to be sorted and organized? A lone block that just needs one more piece appliqued on to be called done? Some embroidery that you can finish up quickly? Those are the kinds of things I want you to pick from today. We all need that instant gratification and sense of accomplishment from finishing something and having one less thing on our list before starting the New Year.

So . . . hop to it . . . have fun . . . and don’t forget to come back and leave your comment about what you chose to do! I can’t wait to see what sorts of things you all unearthed from your piles . . .

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  1. Hmmm…heading off to my sewing room to decide. There certainly are plenty to choose from.

  2. I did find a long lost quilt top that needs batting, backing and quilting, only bad thing is, not sure I have batting on hand now, really went through it making Christmas presents.

  3. For you:

    I am cutting the remainder of my squares for a quilt-a-long I joined that is starting in a few days. My son bought me a new cutting mat and a rotary cutter for Christmas so I am going to break them in!

  4. Hey, sorry I am out of town this year and can’t play along. I need to do all this stuff but don’t think I can tackle it now. Maybe this summer! LOL.

  5. One of the 12 UFOs I’m going to work on in 2012 came out of the cupboard for the first time in about three years. Why had it been discarded? A ruck in the backing developed whilst machine quilting it. Now I have a long arm so I am unpicking it to load next week. Fortunately I’ve found I hadn’t done as much of the quilt as I’d thought so I should finish this job over the weekend.

  6. I have sorted my background fabrics pile. And made sense of my books/patterns. At least mostly. Several things leaving my house. LOVE what remains! Thanks again for the inspiration.

  7. I am working on my pile project. One bookshelf in my sewing room is still piled (neatly!) with the leftover fabric from Carmen’s wedding quilt. She was married in 2005, so I think it’s time to clean that pile!

    Also, I have a king-sized bed quilt that just needs the binding. That’s my next task.

    I believe it will take all of my allotted time to get these tasks done! LOL

    I love this challenge. I would seriously propose that you hold this type of challenge several times a year!

  8. Task no two is done. It has to do with lace. In the mess on my table I found, among other things, a lace scarf that needed blocking and a small lace embroidery also ready for blocking. Now it is done. http://ullabritt.wordpress.com/2011/12/30/the-final-countdown-2/

  9. Well, I did a little more clutter control today and cleaned my pantry…no not sewing room related but still a dark cloud hanging over my head. Then I finished a baby quilt, finished knitting a scarflett I had started and I am thinking of finishing off the bottle of soda I started yesterday! Thank you for the inspiration.

  10. I cleaned my glass windows, which were revealed in all their sticky, smeared glory as I cleaned my pile in the dining room!


  11. Today was not as productive as I had hoped. The first project I wanted to get done….I decided I did not like the material I chose for the sashings and border. The next project when I was cutting the applique block down…..I cut it down to 12 instead of 12 1/2. Now I have to take it apart and redo it. Sooooooo I ended up sewing hexies together to form a star shaped table mat. I had the hexies done, but not sewed together. I did manage to do that, however, I sewed my finger. Yep, by hand and I had to snip the thread to get my finger free. Amazingly there was no blood. Not sure what that means. I hope you got more done than I did!

  12. Ok, I think I missed the “sewing” part of the task you asked for LOL…however I did take care of my two tasks that I set out. One is on a quilt block so hopefully that counts!

    I posted to my blog this morning all the progress/pics I made yesterday. Seriously I accomplished a lot including creating and cleaning up another pile!!!!

  13. just updating…so glad to have this done! Just recovered my ironing board but I’ve put it off for ages.

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