2011’s Top Twelve

 My Top Twelve favorite posts from this past year . . .

One from each month . . .

Some that serve as inspirational reminders as we go into 2012 . . .

Some that bring back sweet memories of 2011 . . .

1 ) January: Creativity

This was a great habit to get into over the course of this past year, and I fully intend to continue it. I love the ideas I’ve gotten from it, and it’s very inspirational just to look back on my scribbles and doodles.

2 ) February: My Pantry

It may not seem like much to some, but getting the pantry finished was a huge wonderful accomplishment for me this year. It’s been so nice having it. Now to just finish the kitchen itself. 2012, here I come!

3 ) March: Our St. Patty’s Day

Any time is time to be grateful for having your health, and the health of those you love. I’ve not paid enough attention to mine lately, and I intend to change that this coming year.

4 ) April: A Wayward Child and Anatomy of a Roll

OK, a bonus post for this month. But our animals provide us with so much love and entertainment, I could probably post daily on their antics alone!

5 ) May: New Wheels

Happy for the good fortune of good friends, and for the good times we have together.

6 ) June: Our Father’s Day

Grateful to have family to spend time with, and that they’re so fun (and funny) to be around.

7 ) July: On Procrastination

Grateful for the ability to find humor in any situation, however pathetic that situation may be!

8 ) August: The Dinner Train

Grateful for being treated to a wonderful birthday event, and making some wonderful memories.

9 ) September: It Has Been Determined . . .

Thankful for life’s blessings, in whatever form. And thankful that I don’t have to be SuperWoman!

10 ) October: How To Applique a Leaf

Thankful for God-given talent that I’m able to share with so many.

11 ) November: 4Patches4Hope and Knit for Charity

Another double whammy this month. But I’m just so grateful that I’m able to use that aforementioned God-given talent to give back in some way. I urge you to do the same, every year. Here’s a few other ways to do that, too:

BASICS Quilt Gather

Necktie Social

Wild West Scavenger Hunt

12 ) December: A Hasty Retreat

Thankful for good times with old friends, making new friends, and doing what I love every single day.

I’m also thankful for all of you, my readers, for stopping by every so often just to hear what’s going on here at the ol’ ranch. I hope we can all continue to entertain you on into the future.

Stay tuned, and have a very

Happy New Year!

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  1. Unfortunately I have not been with you this whole past year, but so blessed I have found you and your blog. I so enjoy hearing from you in my inbox and hearing all about your quilting, ranch, animals and just every day life. You are such a very sweet, giving person and the world is a much better place with people like you. Keep up the good work and Happy New Year to you and yours!

  2. Happy New Year, Shelly! May you have another successful and productive year with your Cowboy, your blog, your business, and your quilts!

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