My Task Two and Three Progress

I’ve been too busy tasking and luau-ing to post my progress!

But here’s where it stands for me at the end of this third day of The Final Countdown . . .

I got the border on both of the quilts in the Quilts That Need Borders pile. So that technically gets rid of one more pile, doesn’t it?

I only made such good progress because I had such good help, too:

Here’s the first one I finished:

Deanna, you might recognize these fabrics. I made this Magic 9-Patch quilt out of a packet of 5″ charm squares that she sent me a long time ago. I’ve had the middle done for a long time, but just needed to add the borders. It didn’t have to have borders, but I wanted it to be just that much bigger, so I added them.

I also already prepared the backing for it, (to keep it out of that other pile), and will be quilting it and donating it to charity — since the fabric was so graciously donated to me by Deanna, I’m passing on the good deed. Thanks, Deanna!

Speaking of passing things on, here’s the other quilt I got the borders on, and a shot of the little “suitcase” that the fabric came in. It’s made from the Hemming House collection by Moda, and the jelly roll came in this darling little suitcase.

However, having juggled said suitcase all over the studio since making the quilt, I can’t decide what to do with it, so I’m passing it on. I’m putting some goodies inside it, such as 1/2 yard of one of the pieces in the Hemming House collection (leftovers from making the quilt). And a couple other little things. So . . .

If you’d like to have this little suitcase and the goodies inside it, just leave a comment on this post, and I’ll randomly draw from everyone who says they want it, and send it to one lucky winner. This is not related to the prizes from the Final Countdown — totally separate — just me passing along some perfectly good items that I don’t know what to do with.

But where was I? Oh, yeah . . .

I also found some backings for a few of the quilts in that other stack. There are now only 3 quilts left in the stack, and I found something that might work for the top one, but I need to piece it, so for now the top is still in the waiting pile.

And now I’m wishing there was still one last Stash Report for this year, because pulling out all those backings would sure have boosted my numbers! Oh, well . . . at least now I didn’t have to keep track of it and write it all down. I’m OK with that . . .

And . . . I scurried around and gathered up all the pieces and parts of my Grandmother’s Flower Garden, cleaned out my take-along sewing bag, and have pieces in there to carry around and work on. Now I’m anxious to go somewhere just so I can take it along and work on it!

I’m loving seeing and hearing about what all of you did for your tasks as well, and don’t forget to come back and leave your comments on those other posts to be eligible for prizes. You still have until the 5th to get the tasks done and leave your comments, so don’t give up just yet! And comment here if you want the little suitcase . . .

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  1. OH DEAR SWEET JESUS …. you have a GENEROUS heart, my friend!!!

    You just keep giving and giving!!!! LOL

    PLEASE put my name in your hat… in hopes it gets drawn!

    Haven’t won in EONS!!! *grin*

    Rosa Robichaud

  2. HUN?!??! I thought we only had till tomorrow to get our tasks done?!?!?

    LMAO!!! I’ve been going at ’em like I was the Ever Ready Bunny!!!!

    *still laughing like an idiot over here*

    Oh well…. at least they’re getting done, eh?


  3. Well, I like goodies! Please count me in. But the best goodie is seeing my scraps made into something beautiful. The quilt warmed my heart already, just imagine the good it will do for someone else. Thank you for sharing your progress.

  4. I would love to be included in the little suitcase giveaway!

    BTW, love the kitty in the basket, they certainly seem to be enjoying us working on our tasks don’t they?

    Have a great evening at your Luau!

  5. You have made a lot of progress! Today I got the Library Sampler Quilt top assembled. I am hoping I can get it sandwiched tomorrow. Haven’t decided how I am going to quilt it yet though. Machine would be quicker, but since I used Civil War materials….maybe it should be hand quilted. Gotta still think on that.

    Like your helper. I don’t seem to get any help around here. If you would let the other kitty come in too, you would have two helpers! I bet you could get twice as much done. 🙂 Just sayin’!!!!

    You can put me in for the cute little suitcase even though that would end up being yet another project.

  6. I love the suitcase. If it came to my sewing room, I would probably have to fight my girls for it!

  7. Actually, perhaps you should call this suitcase a Pay it Forward suitcase… *grIn*

    If you were to pick my name, next year I would have a blog contest to give it away…. with goodies in it, of course. *grin*

    Okay…. I’m posting to tell you that I did Day 2 and Day 3!!!

    And will continue working on the Orca Bay Mystery Quilt, tomorrow. Soooo, I’ll still be in my studio…. having fun!

    Tks tor the blog contest, Shelly!

    Rosa Robichaud

  8. First of all, love your little helper, so darn cute! Please add me to the drawing, I would love the suitcase for my little hand stitching projects.

  9. What an adorable little suitcase!! I love your helper cat also!!! Hope you have a very happy and productive New Year!

  10. Love the little suitcase… Great for my hand sewing projects!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win such a cute carrier!

    Happy New Year!


    Elaine at the beach

  11. I love those little suitcases — they are great for kitting up projects. — I’m still working on my piles and of course my one task. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll get a post put together with my progress. HA!

  12. Thanks for letting us try to win the suitcase. I’m sure my granddaughter would love to have that. I’ve enjoyed your posts this last year and I’m looking forward to another year of reading. I don’t have a blog but always enjoy what others have wrote It keeps in line for my projects. May you have a great New Year and are able to finish alot of your projects. God Bless Dica

  13. What a sweet case! My 3 year old would love that for her felt food or her fabric scraps of which she has many. Love your helper too. I’m still plugging along with task one. Hope to post soon.

  14. Love the kitty helpers! That is a cute little suitcase, too.

  15. Sure, I’d be interested in the little “goody” suitcase. 🙂 That was interesting to read about your putting borders on, because that’s the very “standstill” I’m at right now! I have at least 2 smalll quilts that need borders! Have the material, just haven’t cut it and added it yet. LOL Plus, I’ve been obsessed with knitting & crocheting lately. 🙂 Happy New Year!

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