Hoarding . . . Or Is It?

I can’t throw anything away . . .

Is it a sickness?

Did I inherit my grandmother’s “depression mentality”?

She didn’t hoard, but she always had everything she needed. And it was all organized, too.

I can’t say the same. Even if I have what I need, there’s a good chance I can’t remember where I put it. I did not inherit her organizational gene. My sister got all of that one.

And for right now, let’s just talk about a couple little things. Fabric, for one . . .

Among the members of one of my guilds, there’s a joke that we still pass around about how one quilter visited another one in her home, and there on the shelf in her sewing room was a box of fabric scraps marked “Pieces too small to use”.

We all just howl with laughter every time we hear it or tell it, but secretly (and sometimes not secretly) there are several of us who have the same bin at our own house.

Labelled or not — it’s there — yes, it is.

I’m one of them.

In fact, fellow guild members know that if they’re going to throw any scrap of fabric away, to instead put it in a baggie and bring it to me at guild meeting.

I collect them. Any size will do.

And that’s how I got this:

And I love it all.

Really, I intend to use it all up someday.

Stop laughing . . . I’m serious!

OK . . . laugh — it is kinda funny.

And I say “kinda”, because it’s also not.

And because I know it’s not, I’m making a conscious effort to corral it all this year. If I’m going to keep collecting, I need to keep it under control . . . and yes, USE it.

One way I’m doing that is with the 15 Minutes Play site. These are my bins I use to play in. I also have several scrap quilts started, and I pull from these bins for those quite regularly. Believe it or not, they’re a bit down from what they were.

And I’ve even started a new project from them, just recently today.

And next week at guild meeting, someone will probably bring me a bag of scraps, and I’ll squeal with delight and thank them profusely (while they wonder what drug I’m on) and bring it home and add it to this pile.

The second thing I feel I need to confess discuss is my hoarding of paper. Just like I can’t throw away any scrap of fabric, I also cannot throw away any scrap of paper. I might need it to scribble notes on, make a quick template, or leave a note for My Cowboy, and they’re perfect for that.

What if I run out of paper?

I have TWO drawers full of it, sorted by size.

Maybe I shouldn’t have publicly admitted that . . .

However, yesterday I found this fabulous tutorial posted by Mollie Makes, by Amy of the Angry Chicken, and I knew just what I was going to do with my stack of scrap paper.

So I got myself busy and did just that, and I love them!

I’m making them for everyone I know.

I’ll be passing them out everywhere.

I even decorated some of them.

And Heaven knows I can make several!

I’ll be working on these when I take breaks from making scrap quilts.

Does this mean I’m cured?

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  1. Looks like you’ve got chunks and chunkettes…. scraps are 3 inch and less pieces. *grin*

    I save scraps as small as 1 “…. under that size, its just not worth it!



  2. I had to chuckle at your scrap bags, I am going on my third one now, another use for those Walmart bags, lol! So, look out, I will be catching up to you sooner or later. I love your little books you made for your paper scraps, especially the western one, nice!

  3. What a relief this post was! I … have … a big glass container on my sewing table. As I sew, very small scraps go in it. It’s nearly full, and I don’t want to get rid of any of them. Put them in a baggie in a storage bin? Get a second jar? I’m bad on paper, too, like you are, and I LOVE that idea for the little notebooks! I hoard notebooks of all kinds. And actually use some. 🙂 Best wishes with all your stash of fun stuff!

  4. So awesome. I can so relate to you. It’s not scraps for me, though. It tends to be yards and fat quarters. And rubber stamps, and paints, and thread, and….Oh, god. I have so many hoards…..

  5. I’ll have my eye on you at the next guild meeting! There may be a scuffle over that delightful bag of scraps!! Ha Ha! Right now I’m content with collecting selvages (US English) or selvedges (British English)!

    I am creeping into the realm of collecting 1 and 2″ pieces. I actually cut them to size and store by darks/lights. I use Bonnie Hunter’s idea of “leaders and enders”. I keep them by my machine and feed through a pairs at the beginning (leader) or end (enders) of a chain of pieces. Those pairs then become 4 patches, and on and on…

    It is a sickness, I know, or at least an addiction… so is the acquisition of plastic totes for all of those UFOs. At least they look pretty! My sewing studio is organized, but with this need to maintain organization comes paralysis..I don’t get as much done as I probably should!

    I can totally relate to your comments: “Did I inherit my grandmother’s “depression mentality”? and “She didn’t hoard, but she always had everything she needed. And it was all organized, too.” — Those are so true — my mom and mother-in-law, did this, and so do I. My children inherited my organizational skills, however, they have seen my need to collect and RUN in the other direction! Thank goodness.

    I did get a compliment from my 19-year old son recently as we were working on a stained glass gift for his girlfriend, “Thanks, Mom. It’s really nice to have all of the things we needed in one place.” Wow! I was proud. And happy that my glass studio was clean and organized. Finally,all that “extra” stuff I just had to have came in handy!

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